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    Magnetic Compass

    Unless things have changed, a compass is required. The pc12 ngx I flew had one, very frequently grossly off, but it had one.
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    gfc500 won't stay in heading mode

    I downloaded it, and read it. Is there something specific you think I should note?
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    What to use to clean my oily belly?? lol

    100ll on a rag, for really clean, simple green diluted and a rag.
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    gfc500 won't stay in heading mode

    Great information. I will look at all wiring connections. and the magnetometer mount. The magnetometer was mounted 3 years ago, auto pilot is new as of june. Its driven by g5's.
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    gfc500 won't stay in heading mode

    software is up to date, no messages.
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    gfc500 won't stay in heading mode

    I haven't had time to call the avionics shop yet. I was flying to MSO a few weeks ago in pretty rough air, using heading mode to stay in the valley and not have to climb over terrain. It kept kicking out of heading mode and into roll mode. It was pretty rough, I was on my way to get a pitot...
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    Garmin G5 Calibration Pitch Shows Nose High Level Flight

    can someone just lock this thread already?
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    What do you use to deice your plane

    wings are clean quickly at 130 indicated. Perhaps it matters what the relative humidity is?
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    Stoots IO-370 Prime STC for 172, 175, 170s

    Looks like a good thing, other than the $
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    What do you use to deice your plane

    I push the power lever forward and go fly, the frost burns off in no time! Seriously, I am not kidding. I don't do that at short runways with no place to go after take off. But, I have tried it at long runways where I can take off and land 3 times before running out of runway. In my little kit...
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    I was Robbed, Robbed, I tell you...

    I used those when racing. They work pretty good, almost all the time.
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    Oil Warmer Question

    solution looking for a problem!
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    Do you call when you're the unknown traffic

    Don't open the can of worms. Let them do what they are going to do without involving you. From experience, I have learned to play dumb.
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    The greatest invention in general aviation

    In my rough air mountain flying , I need one with a gimbal.
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    Avgas Prices Now?

    $7.21 at KSMN! While I think about it more, it really hasn't decreased my flying too much. But, I have been pretty busy lately anyway.
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    Concrete circles marking old airfields

    Quite interesting, I do a lot of flying in the backcountry of Idaho. At Fish Lake there is a concrete circle, roughly mid field in the middle of the runway. I wonder if it was something like you have there?
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    Giving rides

    A couple of kids, high school age or just a bit older, stopped outside the fence today and asked how much to take them for a ride. I've never thought about it before. I have a rough idea of what my per flight hour costs, but I also just go bore holes in the sky some days. Seems like for just a...
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    What is the best way to block tail number keeping it hidden from public tracking?

    Mine is set to anonymous, ATC at KEGE couldn't identify me, but other airplanes in the area called me out by tail number, they said I showed up on their traffic with my tailnumber. I have also been called by tail number from the tower at KGJT, while squawking 1200 with it set on anonymous.
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    What is the best way to block tail number keeping it hidden from public tracking?

    Yeah, good luck with that. Doesn’t work.