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  1. Arnold

    Quick back to back approaches…..Normal?

    Single pilot IFR is the hardest flying any aviator will do. Mostly agree with what has been said in this thread. I strongly urge people - no single pilot IFR without an autopilot or a second set of trained hands. I would always program the box first. EFB is for plates and SA. unless the...
  2. Arnold

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    ATR-72 Much fun to fly.
  3. Arnold

    Luscombe Association Still Active?
  4. Arnold

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Mel Brooks and Buck Henry were first:
  5. Arnold

    ADF Required?

    The NDB is the missed approach holding fix. Before magenta lines the Compass Locator was an excellent too for SA during vectors for an approach.
  6. Arnold

    Hindsight is 20/20....or maybe 1SM and clear of clouds
  7. Arnold

    Entering the country illegally at KEYW

    Feet dry, no return. If a Cuban makes it to U.S. land they are permitted to stay. I do not believe this applies to possessions or territories so the entire empire is not open to them. Just the 50 states.
  8. Arnold

    Bo on the beach, Long Island, NY

    Don't forget, sand is the original EMAS.
  9. Arnold

    Garmin Flight Display Capability Disappointment

    In the old days I flew a Shorts 360 which had only a flight director and no electronic autopilot (the voice activated autopilot sitting to my right usually was operational though). While I do not have much experience with Garmin products, the general architecture of these things is one or more...
  10. Arnold

    Ethics of straw buying...

    The firearms discussion is seriously misleading because it has to do with a criminal law. Is there a criminal law that says that an agent cannot purchase an aircraft for an undisclosed principal? I don't claim to be an expert so I'll just say that it seems highly unlikely. Absent a criminal...
  11. Arnold

    Visual Approach

    Definition: ( VISUAL APPROACH- An approach conducted on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan which authorizes the pilot to proceed visually and clear of clouds to the airport. The pilot must, at all times...
  12. Arnold

    Ethics of straw buying...

    It is how Walt bought central FL.
  13. Arnold

    Flight school/ clubs to do the Hudson River tour from

    Some specificity would help: The Hudson River is a 315-mile (507 km) river that flows from north to south primarily through eastern New York. NYC Hudson river corridor? Southern Hudson River, say up to West Point and back? Call flight schools in the area you want to see. I was in the USVI...
  14. Arnold

    Does this flight count for the Comm 300/250NM long XC?

    This is the regulations: 14 CFR 61.129(a)(4)(i) One cross-country flight of not less than 300 nautical miles total distance, with landings at a minimum of three points, one of which is a straight-line distance of at least 250 nautical miles from the original departure point. However, if this...
  15. Arnold

    ADS-B Tracking Data Clears An Ag Pilot Of FAA Charges

    Another point I make to my ground school classes is that the NTSB is also not your friend. They are overworked and understaffed and resort all too often to a - pilot error - conclusion without undertaking a thorough investigation.
  16. Arnold

    ADS-B Tracking Data Clears An Ag Pilot Of FAA Charges

    Gentlemen, saying what another person understands is a bit presumptuous and often viewed as an ad hominem attack. Unless someone states "I don't understand this" you only have evidence as to what they might or might not understand. The actual understanding is an inference which may or may not...
  17. Arnold

    ADS-B Tracking Data Clears An Ag Pilot Of FAA Charges

    Still was FAA counsel's responsibility to stop this early. Lazy lawyer, s/he should have been reassigned as well.
  18. Arnold

    Sun 'n Fun 2023

    They are different indeed. Not been to either. It makes the decision more difficult.
  19. Arnold

    Sun 'n Fun 2023

    Thanks all. Great info.