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  1. Jim K

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Dirty Harry disagrees
  2. Jim K

    Propeller option PA-24 250

    Specifically for a Comanche I'm not sure, but Scimitar props are the new hotness. I don't think they have enough performance advantage to spend money to change over though. I looked into it, but with the value of my used 3 blade I figured I'd be out 8-10K. @SixPapaCharlie has little wings on...
  3. Jim K

    Auto v Aviation fuel

    I bought avgas in Wisconsin for $4.65 last week. My local field is down to 5.80, which is interesting as they have been well over 7.00 for years. Meanwhile my favorite local fuel stop is still sitting at 5.50. They are usually $2 cheaper than my home field. It appears to me that higher volume...
  4. Jim K

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Is that a thing in Chicago? Because he is, in fact, from Chicago.
  5. Jim K

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    I watched in horror this weekend as my friend put ketchup on his brat.
  6. Jim K

    If you have a stabilator, this is worth the watch.

    So I took the time to watch the whole video. The Examiner mentions that they did make a point of preflighting the bolt in question. Theirs actually had a cotter pin through it in addition to a nylock so the head had to have popped off the bolt. I believe mine is only a locking nut. As I...
  7. Jim K

    For Sale Altimatic IIIc Autopilot

    More or less. The autopilot hardware was around 11500. 2500 for a second g5. 12k labor. 0 regrets.
  8. Jim K

    If you have a stabilator, this is worth the watch.

    Interesting. The video is borderline unwatchable, but I think I got the highlights. That is a teeny-tiny little bolt. My instructor used to call it "the Jesus bolt" and told me to check it on every preflight. I do check it, but I also know it's really the trim control, and always wondered if...
  9. Jim K

    Wright Patt Air Force museum

    I flew into Greene County about two years ago. Took me a while to figure out which one it was as it was i19 at the time lol. Awesome little airport. I was only able to go to the museum for a couple hours, so I used one of their crew cars. It was a very easy drive from there. I seem to recall...
  10. Jim K

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Here's what a dork I am....I saw a dude in an "aviator nation" hat at a theme park. I almost went up to him to talk about flying. Thankfully my antisocial tendencies took over. Found out later it's an overpriced hipster fashion brand.
  11. Jim K


    Good Lord.. They even took your clothes?! :biggrin:
  12. Jim K

    For Sale Altimatic IIIc Autopilot

    Yaw dampers are for lazy pilots who have too much money and can't use their feet :biggrin: GFC 500 worth every penny for real though.
  13. Jim K

    Do you ever feel like the plane isn't there?

    Not to extent of the plane "not being there", but several times in the past year, I've noticed myself doing things automatically, manipulating controls by muscle memory as opposed to actually looking at them. Flying the plane becoming as comfortable and effortless as driving my old pickup...
  14. Jim K

    What to use to clean my oily belly?? lol FWIW "Buddha Belly" works awesome, but my preferred method is the local detail guy. He uses "the Cash App".
  15. Jim K

    "He was such a good pilot..."

    That's exactly what I'd expect. I wonder if a carburetor might have a harder time passing the water considering water is heavier and more viscous, and the carb is relying on borneulli to suck the fuel out of the bowl vs being pumped in with a FI system. *ETA* I was curious enough to Google...
  16. Jim K

    What is your "CI?" Cylinder Index

    Since last count, I sold two 2-cylinder JD's, but became responsible for a 4-cylinder Farmall. I bought a spare semi tractor, sold a 4 cylinder utility tractor, and replaced it with a new turbocharged 4 cylinder. Also bought the Grand Marquis for the kids to drive. So CI up to 168, Turbo...
  17. Jim K

    Auto: tires

    I've had very good service from Coopers on several vehicles. They're on the cheaper end of the price spectrum as well. The last set I had on my '97 Chevy pickup went 50K, and they were pretty aggressive. Dad's '01 Chevy had a set of Firestone Transforce on it when he bought it, and they went...
  18. Jim K

    what's the best way to peel a banana? (NA)

    So this is in my YouTube suggestions now. Thanks a lot Eman. :stirpot:
  19. Jim K

    gfc500 won't stay in heading mode

    As I understand it, the g5/gi275 is the brains. The a/p can't even do straight and level without the g5. I had trouble with mine doing something similar initially. Iirc the g5 wasn't getting the dgps from the gtn. The g5 apparently uses GPS to augment the magnetometer. I often got "yellow"...
  20. Jim K

    How to set up to land with a dead engine.

    This is the reason one of my instructors felt it important to teach power-off 180's to primary students, despite it being a "commercial" maneuver. Learning how to fly that last 1000' to the ground is the most crucial part, and you don't want your first crack at it to be life or death. Good...