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  1. Velocity173

    Osprey crash in Japan

    Sometimes they can be a little too aggressive. ;)
  2. Velocity173

    Osprey crash in Japan

    They say they’ve got the VRS issue solved but all they did was restrict the aggressiveness of the approach. Same issue with recirculation on formation and shipboard landings. Must be in a strict profile to remain clear of dirty air. That stuff isn’t nearly as bad for a helicopter.
  3. Velocity173

    Weird Walk-Arounds !

    Mouse in the avionics compartment. Fishing line wrapped around the tail rotor.
  4. Velocity173

    F-15QA Demo

    Boeing test pilot has got this thing dialed in. Never seen an F-15 move like this before.
  5. Velocity173

    PDK or LZU?

    Alpharetta, home of of the roundabouts. I’ll be the devil’s advocate here and recommend Cherokee County airport. No air traffic and far less ground traffic when coming into Alpharetta from the north.
  6. Velocity173

    Tesla Pickup Unveil

    Because the single motor matches the range estimate from 2019 and the dual motor actually exceeds the original estimate. When it’s all said and done, it’s pretty much a wash.
  7. Velocity173

    Tesla Pickup Unveil

    Still don’t get the DeLorean comparison. Only similarity is stainless steel and huge panel gaps. :D
  8. Velocity173

    What to take into account when planning flight for a single pilot under part 135?

    Like stated above, it’s most likely laid out in the GOM or policies in a read & initial file…if they have one. It’s typical stuff though. ForeFlight planning, W&B computer program, company risk assessment, approved NWS product, etc. I don’t file because I’m VFR but I believe they’re using FF...
  9. Velocity173

    Tesla Pickup Unveil

    Specs are pretty much aligned with the unveiling. Tri motor is a significant drop in range from 500 to 320 though. Price was the biggest difference. Over 50 % increase. Knew that was gonna happen.
  10. Velocity173

    Tesla Pickup Unveil

    Well it’s only been 4 years and a $20K increase in price. Who’s gotten their delivery here?
  11. Velocity173

    Skyryse FlightOS?

    Flew a real hands on helicopter today. No iPads here. First piston I’ve ever flown too.
  12. Velocity173

    Osprey crash in Japan

    Yeah I knew several guys who went KWs thinking they’d get a Comanche transition. Years later they would be scrambling for flying jobs when the Army divested their KWs…way too early.
  13. Velocity173

    Osprey crash in Japan

    Should’ve gone with the Defiant. ;)
  14. Velocity173

    Looks like VOR is back on the menu boys...

    And on top of having SAASM, we had Doppler nav backup if the GPS should become unreliable.
  15. Velocity173

    Fighter Pilot looking for advice on the GA world

    Your mission can still be aerobatics with a PA28. :oops:
  16. Velocity173

    Airspace Ops Question

    ACY is Atlantic Approach? 7K is pretty low. Might as well call themselves an arrival facility.
  17. Velocity173

    Airspace Ops Question

    Unless there’s a McGuire or Atlantic City controller on POA, no way of really knowing the reason. Logical reasons for talking to a controller one day but not another, is if the facility was closed. Perhaps holiday hours for McGuire. Also a chance your route didn’t go deep enough into...
  18. Velocity173

    Fighter Pilot looking for advice on the GA world

    @hindsight2020 has a nice Arrow he could sell ya. Only needs some minor engine work. ;)
  19. Velocity173

    Masters of the Air--coming to Apple TV

    Yeah it’s been like 10 years that they’ve been advertising it. HBO dropped it then COVID hit.
  20. Velocity173

    Starship successfully launches.....

    Bunch of heat tiles came off during the launch. Gotta be an incredible amount of vibration.