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  1. Gary Ward

    Weird Walk-Arounds !

    In the spring it is common for the birds to try to start building nest in your plane while you are opening your hangar door to push your plane inside. They ask us not to leave our hangar doors open in the spring while out flying due to birds nesting. They love small planes for some reason? My...
  2. Gary Ward

    LED light issues.

    Definitely get the plane out of the hangar and run it at night first before flying it. Some led will cause noise/static and not be compatible in a aircraft. I think the panel lights are most sensitive in this regard. Also I found some design led bulbs are not the right light distribution pattern...
  3. Gary Ward

    NA why do people bag leaves and throw them away?

    I used to have large trees on my lot. Would rake them onto a blue tarp and drag them to the backyard into a mulch pile. Then I got a commercial mower and cut them up, worked good. Then a couple 3 years ago, I had 2 large ones cut down and one really trimmed back. It has been the best thing I...
  4. Gary Ward

    Auto v Aviation fuel

    I am in the oil business, since 1983. Split loads cost more than a full load 7500. Pick your poison. Like said if you got a half a tank of high priced fuel would you want sell it for a loss? Sometimes I do blend with cheaper fuel but it is still a loss. It goes both ways. There is no one right...
  5. Gary Ward

    Self-locking screws reusable?

    I would replace these every time.
  6. Gary Ward

    Self-locking screws reusable?

    I believe it. Those large 1/2" 12 points are head stud nuts among other uses. Some of our head studs are 9/16" We did reuse those about 5 times before we replaced them. The face would wear out and not give consistent torq/clamping. We removed the heads often so we did buy a fair bit of premium...
  7. Gary Ward

    Self-locking screws reusable?

    When I was building race cars I had 2 friends who worked for GE jet engines in Evendale Ohio, suburb of Cincinnati. They brought me jet engine fasteners that they said were thrown away new. Our cars were loaded with titanium and other rare light weigh hardware. Not all of it came from GE, some...
  8. Gary Ward

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    Are working on a PPL or instrument rating? Or are you just flying with a CFI for fun(nothing wrong with that)and not trying to earn anything?
  9. Gary Ward

    Daily Pic

    Flew home in MVFR last week, was cleared through the bravo and took a few pictures of Cincinnati.
  10. Gary Ward

    Flap track replacement on a cessna

    I bet you have already seen this write up?
  11. Gary Ward

    Flap track replacement on a cessna

    This might be a job for Williams Airframe Components in Indiana. I bet they would do it for you? You would have to take the wing off and deliver it to them. Sorry no other help. Good luck with it and maybe report back and let us know how it works out? Thanks
  12. Gary Ward

    Engine Oil Capacity (172) - Which Number to Use?

    If the plane does have a H2AD engine then I put 6.5 qts in it during oil changes , 1/2 qt fills the filter/cooler. it reads 6 QTs on the dipstick. When it gets to 5 qts I add another qt. Good luck with your training.
  13. Gary Ward

    Recording broadcast TV [NA]

    Channel Master used to be my CB handle in 1976.
  14. Gary Ward

    FedEx leaving packages on the road now?

    I found a fedex package on top of our septic tank lid which is 20’ from the road the other day. First for us. Luckily I found it leaving for work at 5am, otherwise I bet it would have been gone by 8am.
  15. Gary Ward

    RFI from LED Lights

    I have a led bulb in my overhead cabin light that causes lots of noise/static in my radios. Makes them un usable. Luckily I only use it while on the ground at night sitting on the ramp. So I kept it since the light is better than the original bulb. The Wat led nav lights don't cause any...
  16. Gary Ward

    Oil Analysis Findings

    Would you hate it if the owner/seller had a oil analysis for every oil change from the beginning on a engine you were considering buying?
  17. Gary Ward

    What to use to clean my oily belly?? lol

    I use baby wipes, it is my baby after all.
  18. Gary Ward

    Alternator Mounting Problem

    It is recommended to inspect replace brushes at 500 hrs and with the vibration you have experienced I would want it inspected while it is off the plane. Good luck getting back on the plane hopefully running smooth.
  19. Gary Ward

    At A Cross Roads

    I went route 2 back in 2020. I value a factory rebuilt zero hour more than I would a overhaul by lycoming or a local engine shop. It sounds like the OP is not able to keep flying so he going to be waiting either way? I kept flying my old engine until the rebuilt engine came in after having it...
  20. Gary Ward

    Alternator Mounting Problem

    I just goggled the part number he provided.