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    I've got a Jet

    I hope this is an upcoming episode!!! L-O-V-E the 195, but I know didly squat about those engines. Thanks in advance!
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    who has right of way, backtaxi vs landing aircraft?

    What am I missing? Once the guy on final heard the back taxi call out, my ADM dictates it's a simple go-around at an untowered field. Seems ballsy to key the mike and insist another aircraft get out of his way.... I've had people join a mid-field downwind in front of me. What did I do...
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    Checkride #5

    Way to go!
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    Do submarine helmsmen have to deal with Spacial D?

    Although I was a Navy Corpsman, I was never on a ship. It was only after I got out and went on a Dependent's Cruise with my former brother-in-law E-8 Radioman because my sister-in-law didn't want to go on yet another one. USS Portsmouth SSN-707, Los Angeles class fast attack nuclear submarine...
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    KTEX Bonanza 10-6-2020

    I am sorry for the loss. The plane looked familiar to me, so I looked in my dream excel workbook and found a screen shot that I took from TAP in Feb of this year. 1964 35S with 7k TT. Asking was $74,999... RIP
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    Bees in Hangar

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    Bees in Hangar

    Sometimes, the swarming bees are tired from travelling and will just take a brief break. They are probably already gone only to never "bee" "herd" from again...
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    GA in Illinois and Wisconsin?

    Johnson Creek, WI (pop 3,029) is in the middle of Milwaukee, Madison, and Janesville at the intersection of I-94 and SH 26. Watertown (RVY) is 10 minutes away to North via ground and Fort Atkinson (61C) is 15 minutes south. Waukesha (UES) is about 25 minutes. Great place to live and play.
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    Two VFR ATC questions-

    Not so fast, while the answer to avoid IMC is correct, I would argue the main point is that you are still responsible for traffic and obstacle separation... Moreover, I do not think that you have the "option" to sqwauk 1200 once you are terminated. However, this is POA, so let us hear from the...
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    Daily Pic

    Don't ruin it for me - I always heard "butt" :-)
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    I guess I went and did it too.

    Congrats! Enjoy the heck out of it!!!!
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    Tales of a Rusty Pilot

    Good Luck on your journey and keep us updated on your progress!
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    Tales of a Rusty Pilot

    Good for you!!! Welcome back!
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    Tales of a Rusty Pilot

    Keep at it! If the medical stands in your way and Dr. Chien cannot help, LSA is still a great option!
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    Tales of a Rusty Pilot

    Enjoy the journey and do not rush it. It is about relearning, new learning, and having fun!
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    what am I doing wrong here ?

    You have a nice plane. To me, the prop time @ 2,165 is a turn off. The vref not including your Aspen, wing tips, standby pump, and electric trim is $103,800. $115-120k seems fair, but I don't want to drop that and then have to spend $12k-ish on a new prop. My CFO (wife) would not approve of...
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    If only...

    I'll settle it: You could use your Beaver to land at your house on the lake to cart you and your guests to and fro from your hangered pc-12 (or pc-24 for you rich folks...). The AN-2 is good for one water landing only :-) There was an AN-2 at Montgomery Field (MYF) in San Diego with a For...
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    If only...

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    If only...

    +1 for the awesomeness of a Beaver, but I would go with this one and swap for amphibs...
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    How do you forget to lower the gear?

    This has been posted before on PoA, but it is good: