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    Spirit Stops Hiring

    Both FedEx and UPS quit hiring this year. Pretty sure that was after the high inflation and slowing economy began. UPS earned $1.3 billion in the 3rd quarter while FedEx was around $800 million. Both are still making profits, just less than before.
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    Spirit Stops Hiring

    Amazon is not the problem. Slowing economy has caused volume to decrease at all 3 carriers. This comes after all 3 we’re hiring like mad during Covid so now FedEx and UPS are fat in pilots. UPS offered an early out to the senior guys. FedEx is encouraging guys to go to PSA and may well...
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    Can You Survive Elevator Loss?

    He was asking hypothetically. Not whether or not you could survive the event that would actually be involved to make it happen. Just wants to know if a 172 will fly with only the right elevator.
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    A trend of First Officers not wanting to be Captains

    When you are bidding for work schedules, vacation, whatever, you are bidding against others that are in the same seat/base/aircraft as you. As a Captain you are bidding against pilots who are going to be more senior than FOs are so if you want to maximize what your seniority can do for you it’s...
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    A trend of First Officers not wanting to be Captains

    How does a seniority based system screw anyone? The person who has been there 5 years gets to pick his schedule ahead of the person who has been there 3 years. Captains as a group are going to have much more seniority than FOs so if you are a senior FO and like your schedules you might want to...
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    A trend of First Officers not wanting to be Captains

    Once you move to the left seat you get to fly with your favorite Captain from then on!
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    Does Anyone Here Collect Antique Wooden Propellers?

    Don’t have the knowledge to run a website but I’ve been wanting to find some propellers from this area. It seems there’s a lot of reproductions which I’m not interested in. (I admit I haven’t looked very hard yet but now I finally have a place to display them)
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    0° 0' 0" Longitude

    Tower of London is very good. Duxford is a great museum and if the weather is nice they may be flying. (Last time there a Hurricane was flying). It’s not far from Cambridge which is a great town. Don’t know if you can make it fit into your plans.
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    New Truck Bodystyles

    I’ll stick with this.
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    Electric jet

    Don’t know that I want one but pretty cool concept. <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="" width="
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    Light chop all altitudes

    I’m assuming you don’t fly for a living. The most important passenger is me and I’m far from snowflakey. Old and grouchy maybe. Kidding aside, constant turbulence is also fatiguing. Try it for hours on end doing an ocean crossing and you’ll change your mind.
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    Light chop all altitudes

    Hours on end of even light turbulence gets old. Usually you can manage to find smooth air. That’s why you hear people checking in with “smooth” or “continuous light”. Of course, some days there just isn’t a decent ride to be had at a useful altitude.
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    Do they put freight on RJs?

    Short answer is yes. I know IFL has some in service for UPS.
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    London/Paris Vacation, must see places?(NA)

    After having visited the Tower of London this past week I would definitely recommend it. Make sure you do the tour led by one of the Beefeaters. Tour is only 45 minutes long and gives you a basic history and will get you pointed in the right direction for seeing what you want to see inside the...
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    Loose Spinner Screw

    Just tighten it. No one will care.
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    Flying for European Airline with FAA commercial??

    This pretty much sums up what I’ve heard. IF you get the base you want your home every night is the only positive. Negatives are : The bad side is you have to take a lot of abuse, their own interpretations of the law, their disrespect to laws that they don't like etc. Now, i'm away more...
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    Flying for European Airline with FAA commercial??

    You do NOT want to fly for Ryanair.
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    London/Paris Vacation, must see places?(NA)

    Best thing we did in Paris a few years ago was the Fat Tire Bike Tour. We did the night time ride which in June is going to be half daytime. Was my teenage kids favorite thing we did there.
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    Why are super vikings so cheap?

    From my flight instructor days that was the nicest flying airplane I flew.