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  1. RangeRider

    [N/A] Over, Under, or Around ...

    Suspenders, keeps everything where it belongs without strangulation. Added benefit is you can continue wearing your winter sidearm all year. You're welcome.
  2. RangeRider

    What to do when you need AGS type glass fuses?

    Not sure, but they do have an audible alarm when they blow.;)
  3. RangeRider

    What to do when you need AGS type glass fuses?

    .22 cartridges will fit nicely, and they come in several sizes.:cool:
  4. RangeRider

    LSA reality check

    I have the solution to your problem, get two planes. I have a Skyarrow S-LSA for fun, and a C175b for going places, and camping. Airplane poor in El Paso.
  5. RangeRider

    Fear of paperwork

    Declared climbing out of El Paso a few years back, cockpit filled with smoke. Got things situated a bit and made a good landing. Got a phone call a few weeks later from a very nice FAA representative, a few questions and all was over. Never filled out any paper work, did change my drawers.
  6. RangeRider

    Bad ADM in Children’s airplane books/media

    I can't find the "little blue bird."
  7. RangeRider

    Do you believe in UFO's?

    And not one person has considered the possibility that these objects are indigenous to earth. Amazing.
  8. RangeRider

    Cessna 172 Windshield change

    I replaced the windshield in my C175 using the method outlined in the video above. This was an LP aero extra thick. Temps in my hangar were around 118 degrees at the time, and though a bit difficult, results were very good. This was eleven years ago, and there have been no issues. I recently...
  9. RangeRider

    What's your go-to Concealed Carry weapon?

    Going to make a rare post. After 21 years in the army, followed by 20 years a federal officer, now retired, I carry a Colt 1911 in .45 ACP during the winter, and a S&W mod 36 during summer months. After training countless officers over the years, my opinion is they all work, if deployed...
  10. RangeRider

    Raptor Aircraft

    Now accepting new investors for the M-Skycar!:)
  11. RangeRider

    Kit F

    f Anyone have any luck financing a new kit? Excellent credit, and income. W life wants to build a Bushcat.
  12. RangeRider

    Thinking about a dual sport/adventure Motorcycle

    KTM 690 Enduro R. WELL UNDER 400 LBS, 75 HP, traction control and ABS for street mode, yet truly "ready to race" in the dirt. All these yahoo's talking about DR's and TW's probably fly weedhoppers too. KTM's rule, been riding them for many years, maintenance no different than any other bike...
  13. RangeRider

    Raptor Aircraft

    Yeah, he gained another thousand 10 minutes after I posted.
  14. RangeRider

    Raptor Aircraft

    Looks like he's made it to 5K feet.
  15. RangeRider

    Thinking about a Kubota

    I purchased a Yanmar 424 about 4 years ago, been using it regularly on my small farm. Moving hay, and leveling are a weekly activity, never had a single issue with it.
  16. RangeRider

    Pros and cons of buying a hanger on class D airfield

    Don't know about the class D, but I was forced to move to a class C, KELP, several years ago from a class G. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but within a few months I was appreciative of the fine service provided, and the safety. Oh, enclosed T-hangars are $110.00 monthly.:)
  17. RangeRider

    Eskimo Pilot

    And we just might hear the other side of the story.
  18. RangeRider

    Raptor Aircraft

    Looks to be barely flying, way under powered.
  19. RangeRider

    Solutions foot getting sick due to heat/turbulence?

    My wife used to get sick early on, best remedy was to give her the flight controls for awhile, nausea would go away, can't tell you why. Thankfully she hasn't experienced any problems for many years.
  20. RangeRider

    Plane down in Western Washington

    You can stop somewhere along the coastal route for fuel without customs? Makes too much sense.