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  1. sourdough44

    Tecnam P2010 crashed in FL Loss of power on a training flight, stated. My usual first question is, was fuel flowing to the engine? That seems to be an issue with many such ‘failures’.
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    Richard McSpadden Crash

    The plane will have ‘dimples’ convex bumps at balance points for the Jack shaft to mate with. I don’t have my own jacks($300 ish each), but thought about getting some. Even with the dimples one must proceed with caution. As you can imagine, your year could be messed up if it slips off the Jack.
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    Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

    Yeah, plan C on hold now. Since no big hurry, Little need to have the car halfway up for a period of time.
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    Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

    My Mom lives in the Northern U.P. of Michigan . I’m just trying to bringer her a car. Don’t worry, I have plan A & B already. I was just looking for another option.
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    EPA Finds Small Airplanes Cause Dangerous Lead Pollution

    And who is manning the EPA now? My pet peeve is the fuel can. I want to bring back the regular one, pour spout with air hole in back. Yes, mine are are older or ‘modified’. Think of the amount of leaded gas burned now compared to 1970, but it’s worse now?! We may soon have WWIII to...
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    Class 2 with Felony Conviction

    I would consult with an AME versed in such matters. Yeah, that can be a minefield, EX’s & so forth, not saying which side the blame lies. The one guy I hunt with is limited to bow only, no guns. In his younger days he got tangled up with an EX. I had a girl who was drinking on head meds...
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    Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

    OK, I’ll, drive the car, you pick me up. I’ll buy the food.
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    Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

    Near Lake Geneva, WI, to an airport North of Green Bay. I'm just looking for plan C.
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    Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

    Tomorrow or Saturday, 2010 Ford Focus.
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    Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

    Drive a car to N WI, I’ll pick you up? You log the time?
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    Woman hit by landing airplane. Fatal

    Doesn’t mean it’s true, this article says the pilot spotted the mower ‘on the runway’? I have a friend, lives at a private air park, kinda quiet. There are rules, but there are also those that can’t help but go across the runway. This could be on a mower, walking a dog, whatever. I’d like to...
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    Richard McSpadden Crash

    Not much to add that hasn’t been said. The crash site looks very unforgiving, brush, trees, hilly.
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    PA-28 fatal crash near KCNY Moab, UT 10/1/2023

    Well, the kids were younger, helpful with the weight. The rest, fuel load & cargo, could be adding up. Since it happened right after or during the takeoff, performance is often questioned. Very tragic accident no doubt.
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    Burning Man

    If you haven’t seen this yet, protesters cleared.
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    Looking for a car

    I happen to have a spare vehicle now, WI. I did some bartering & ended up with a 2010 Ford Focus. It’s in decent shape, I’m going through it, some TLC. It may not turn many heads, but works.
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    Gender reveal gone very wrong.

    Yeah, maybe not high G, but he was pulling up, the wing did fold, something not right. I can’t blame it on the gender reveal party itself, silly as they can be. Sad that the pilot augured in, at least the wreckage didn’t take others out.
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    Were there always this many wildfires?,claimed%20at%20least%20160%20lives. Just like with hurricanes, costs will always go up. There are more people, more structure, things cost more.
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    F/A-18 Down near Miramar, Pilot Dead

    Just East of the runway? 5 minutes before midnight? At the time the weather seemed to be 6-700 OVC, dark of course.
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    AS334 Jul5 2023 bomb threat

    Years ago as I was handcuffing a guy on the plane, the lady nearby asked, ‘don’t you know who’s getting on the plane’? This was after I did the finger twirl on the side of the head, indicating issues. I had a silent chuckle. Before you ask, the individual culminated with grabbing a lady in...
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    Uneven wear on tires

    I’m looking into tires myself, targeting the annual 9 months away. I’ll have to look in the books, current tires are 8-10 years old, came with the plane. They are Michelins, good tread but now showing light cracking in the grooves. When I bought my previous plane, a Warrior, the tires were...