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  1. DFH65

    Taildragger recommendations

    J5 is the answer that you seek. A wide cub you can fly from the front. Wish I could find a good one.
  2. DFH65

    Reading glasses and taking off in the Sun

    I use these when flying. Dewalt bifocal, tinted safety glasses they are like $12 on Amazon. If I don't need the sun glasses I use regular readers.
  3. DFH65

    At A Cross Roads

    Where are you getting an overhaul for 25K these days?
  4. DFH65

    Identity this cloud

    That cloud is Frank.
  5. DFH65

    Van’s Aircraft Facing Challenges

    Go fund me. :rolleyes2: I don't see how this ends well. Sorry for all the people who have money tied up in this. :sigh:
  6. DFH65

    MOSAIC comment period extended

    Honestly there are not enough legacy aircraft left around to worry about. :(
  7. DFH65

    NA. How to treat parents?

    I would give anything for 5 more minutes of my parents annoying the hec out of me. :frown:
  8. DFH65

    Pilot arrested for DUI blows .00

    Not sure if this has been done before didn't know what to search for. Long video. Short version is guy is arrested for DUI in Colorado. Submits to a breathalyzer and blows .00 cop coerces him to get a blood test because the department is incented heavily to make DUI arrests. Blood test...
  9. DFH65

    time since heart attack+stent?

    Go sport pilot. If MOSAIC goes through (probably will) you will have many options.
  10. DFH65

    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    It is a simple thing to scan or even take a picture of any relevant log book pages. I scanned my logs as soon as I bought the plane so if they were ever lost I had a back up. I have the logs back to '57 and it took maybe 1/2 hour to scan on the copier in my office. New entries get scanned as...
  11. DFH65

    What attributes do you think new MOSAIC compliant LSA aircraft should have to return General Aviation to 10,000 aircraft sales per year?

    Can we please work on getting an simple 4 or 6 cylinder 145-150HP engine overhaul under 20K before we start working on this? I have a '57 172 that needs an overhaul for reasons. The current debate with me and my co-owner is do we sell it off for parts or spend 33 grand to get an o-300 overhaul?
  12. DFH65

    Private Pilot Training Timeline Question

    I live in the north and did my training over a full year. It was just the way it worked out. I didn't feel the need to fly twice a week although I know some people do. I don't think overall it impacted me that much in total hours to complete. Sometimes due to weather and scheduling there were...
  13. DFH65

    Semantic Question regarding § 61.113

    ........First rule of flight club....... See what I did there ^ :)
  14. DFH65

    What do you consider life changing money

    No amount of money would "change my life". I am not money motivated. I am extremely frugal. More money would allow me to retire earlier. As has been said to me the free time means more than the money. With a lot more money I could be generous to a lot of people. I would really enjoy giving...
  15. DFH65

    Is “reaching your breaking point”

    You don't? Doesn't everyone?
  16. DFH65

    Is Dan Gryder the biggest tool on aviation youtube?

    Courts should rely on official correspondence using the USPS. I realize this is 2023 but you need real acknowledgment of receipt. I get tons of email. I get tons of spam. I get tons of vendor email. Most I delete without opening. Some I open realize what they are and delete them...
  17. DFH65

    What to do post ER visit?

    What to do post ER visit? Go Basic Med and don't look back.
  18. DFH65

    When to know when to quit...or at least take a long hiatus

    Started flying in 1989 we bought a house in March of 1993, my son was born in June and I stopped flying that August. Daughter born in 1996. Life happens. Fast forward 20+ years kids were grown and decided I needed to fly so I started again in 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I have...
  19. DFH65

    Anyone based at Carrol County Airport in AR?

    Could you send me a PM? Need some info.
  20. DFH65

    OSH - T-6 goes into Lake Winnebago Saturday 7/29 morning

    I did say, "accepting a little bounce on the landing." When I looked at her landing it wasn't pretty but I have seen far worse hec I have made far worse. Some airplanes are worse for PIO I have heard some Mooneys for example. I was a passenger in one that got pretty sketchy pretty fast.