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    Failed my first opportunity to solo

    In more than 2000 hours of IP time, I have never told a student when they were going to solo. My normal "speech" is to ask the pilot how they think they are doing. Normally will reply that they feel good and are confident. My response is typically "good, because your scaring the crap out of...
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    2-pilot crew ("dual Captains") - logging "Signing" PIC vs "sole manipulator" PIC - Part 91/135

    Did you hear the one about the Rabi, and a priest walking into a bar? Nevermind, it wasn't accurate :rolleyes:
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    2-pilot crew ("dual Captains") - logging "Signing" PIC vs "sole manipulator" PIC - Part 91/135

    So, if you have an SIC type rating but happen to be flying in a Citation 560 with a pilot who is qualified as a single pilot in the C560, if you are manipulating the controls then you get to log PIC time right.... What if he was under the hood? :biggrin:
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    Foreflight “need xxx space to decompress”

    At work I oversee our EFB program (A061). We have some EFB's running iOS 12.5 on Foreflight. I think I have had to figure out every trick in the book to keep things running.
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    Foreflight “need xxx space to decompress”

    Easy fix. Go into downloads and select the red delete button. Then select "delete expired." If that does not work for you, make sure you have worldwide terrain or high resolution terrain turned off. Retry it after that.
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    Commercial Aviation Insurance rate for rental business

    I had my Grumman AA5 under commercial rental insurance for rental and instruction. $35K hull value was $4700 per year. This was in 2022. I only did it for one year because I could never recoup the $$.
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    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    A buddy of mine sent me a text with the flightaware link. He said there were some SW guys on the Jax freq. that heard the whole thing and it was a sad conversation.
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    Running an engine with blow-by?

    At first I read it as 8 quarts and hour! LOL. 1 quart every 8 hours is amazing!
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    Flying with a Dog!

    It all depends on the dog. You are the best judge of that. Both of our dogs fly with us regularly in both pressurized and non pressurized aircraft.
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    Piper Malibu Mirage in Pierre (10/23)

    Remember, the 76 year old passenger could have had a heart attack or some type of medical event sometime within 30 days and it would have been attributed to the accident.
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    Single Pilot Part 135

    Switch covers are probably not going to be an issue. There are "boiler plate" 135 documents that you can buy and it will help out a lot but at the end of the day, time is what it really takes. Here is a good example - I just bought into a partnership in an aircraft that came off a Part 135...
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    Single Pilot Part 135

    For real! I know you know! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Single Pilot Part 135

    So you are a helicopter pilot…
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    Single Pilot Part 135

    @Doc Holliday are you a helicopter pilot by chance too? Back to conformity - as was mentioned, does the aircraft meet the TCDS. Something as simple as velcro could be considered out of conformity.
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    Single Pilot Part 135

    Conformity is usually what gets folks. Even on brand new aircraft.
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    Lien question

    Contact AIC and have them do your title work. They will track down the folks for the lien. Worse case, they will do a "quiet title" process with the courts which will take care of the lien. I have used them for several aircraft purchases.
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    Do you regularly run tanks (aux) dry?

    I ran the aux tank dry one time when I had my Cherokee 6. I knew it was coming but my wife, who was asleep did not. I didn't know my wife could levitate but when the engine stumbled, she came alive like a woman possessed. From then on out I always left 1 gallon in the tank according to the...
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    Precipitation intensity

    It all depends on if it is set up as a composite radar. I have flown in areas that show red cells all over on the G3 X and the weather out my windshield is perfectly clear
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    Precipitation intensity

    If you can afford to repair and repaint, by all means fly through it…. It’s only rain right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk