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  1. midwestpa24

    What to take into account when planning flight for a single pilot under part 135?

    It may vary from company to company, but normally will be spelled out in your specific company's operating manual. At ours, for Part 135 IFR single pilot we had to have an operating autopilot.
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    "He was such a good pilot..."

    That's when it especially hits home, when its a similar aircraft to what you fly, and/or a friend. Another example that happened closer to home was a Piper Cheyenne being professionally flown. At the time I was training to fly the Cheyenne. I knew the pilot, not well, but he was a regular...
  3. midwestpa24

    Almost had a plane vs car

    I can't speak to your specific situation, but I know from years of experience at my airport that the blind corner at the end of our T-Hangars somehow acoustically blocks sound from around the corner. More than once, even when moving slow with the windows rolled down I have come around the...
  4. midwestpa24

    "He was such a good pilot..."

    I have to say, its those accidents with the "good" pilots that always gives me pause. One just for example, the recent Cardinal crash with Richard McSpadden. By all accounts, McSpadden was a highly accomplished and experienced aviator, yet he was put in a situation that he didn't escape. When...
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    SeriusXM Question

    I knew I liked you for some reason! I have SXM in both mine and the wife's vehicles, my wife likes it. I will say though, I've started streaming from Pandora a lot more. One thing I've found with SXM if you listen to it a lot, the songs get repetitive. Its like each month they buy a block of...
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    One airframe with both single & twin-engine versions

    Lance/Saratoga/Cherokee 6 and the Seneca, or at least they are very similar fuselage. Also the Bonanza and the Baron. The twin Bonanza is a different beast, closer to a King Air than a Bonanza.
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    Navy plane in the water

    Somewhere in there is the joke about how there are no submarines in the sky, but plenty of planes in the sea.
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    Wake turbulence?

    I wouldn't characterize wake turbulence from light aircraft as an "issue", it isn't going to roll you inverted like a 747, but you can certainly feel it and get bumped around when you aren't expecting it. I've hit it numerous times. Its one way to know if you are doing your steep turns...
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    On the same topic, is the way manufacturers are changing some of the basic operational concepts of vehicles. Shifters that used to be either column or console mounted are now knobs or buttons. They are finding new innovative ways of hiding common controls, which makes it difficult if you rent...
  10. midwestpa24

    Emergency exit question - especially for Cherokee pilots

    That would be a nice tool...except most of the canopy airplanes I've seen are some form of plexi and not actual glass. You can probably bang away enough to crack it, but it is not going to perform like it was meant to on a tempered glass window in a car which would shatter out completely. For...
  11. midwestpa24

    Electronic Logbook?

    That is the one advantage of myflightbook and other electronic logbooks. I can break it down by individual tail numbers if you want, or pretty much any combination anyone could ever ask for. There is even a tab for 8710 forms which makes totalling those times easy. Yeah getting stuff input...
  12. midwestpa24

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Yep! That is one of the best thing to come out of the post pandemic supply chain issues, many manufacturers dropped the auto stop due to the chip shortage. My truck is pre-pandemic, so I installed one of these.
  13. midwestpa24

    GPS outside FAF

    The GPS guidance should be giving you a magenta line to follow for the parallel entry and the course reversal. Correct it won't give you the inbound course until you are inbound.
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Honestly the battery is probably the most frequently changed under hood item, so it should be easier to access. As a firefighter, one of the things we do to safety a car after a collision is disconnect the battery. That is becoming harder and harder to do because they are now hiding the darn...
  15. midwestpa24

    Electronic Logbook?

    Another very happy myflightbook user. I started using it when I became an instructor. It has an easy way for instructors to document all of the endorsements we give, which is a requirement. It also made it easy for me to keep up with my hours of instructing versus trying to keep a paper log...
  16. midwestpa24

    CFI Check Ride - What is it?

    I agree 7 hours is way too long. I will say though in my experience long orals are usually the result of a candidate struggling. The DPE is trying to give them every chance before they have to pull the plug. The candidates that are nailing it usually result in a shorter oral portion.
  17. midwestpa24

    CFI Check Ride - What is it?

    Its not just enough to know how to fly the maneuvers, but as already stated you have to be able to teach it. Expect the DPE to fly some of the maneuvers with you coaching them through it, and looking for you to catch their "mistakes". The oral will be long, just because there is so much to...
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    Apron in front of hangar

    If they are using Federal grants for the apron, the FAA will not pay for portions of pavement that are "exclusive use", such as the approaches to individual hangars. The FAA will also not pay for pavement around a building that the "wheels" of an aircraft can't use, usually about 25 feet.
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    Night Currency

    I've taken to flying with a red headlamp if I'm up at night. There was one time that I thought having a flashlight with a red lens would be enough, until I had to use it. Very hard to fly while holding a flashlight.
  20. midwestpa24

    Bogus Airliner Images

    If you are concerned about fake airplane photos, you should be really afraid of the deep-fake videos that are out there. With technology today, it is very easy to make very realistic looking and sounding videos, good enough to fool the average user. The political implications of those videos...