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  1. NordicDave

    Hardware kits - I've been a needy hangar neighbor too often

    Here's my organized aviation hardware inventory. Rarely do I need to order something from Aircraft or Spencer or Another rack not pictured with spare Cessna parts and 4 cases of oil and with 6 filters.
  2. NordicDave

    Best of: Podcast and YouTube for Aviation

    Don't forget Dan Gryder or Jerry Wagner! :mad2: :cryin: In all seriousness, The VASI Aviation guys are great at illustrating pilot/ATC gaffs and accident flight paths.
  3. NordicDave

    Engine shop recommendations (teardown/IRAN)

    Pinnacle Engines is terrific and has the longest warranty in the business at 3 years or TBO whichever comes first. For an extra cost they will flow match the cylinders and fully balance the rotating mass.
  4. NordicDave

    Class 2 medical reasoning

    Flying magazine had a great overview of the 4 available classes of FAA medical certificates. The biggest difference between Class 2 & Class 3 is the renewal term and vision.
  5. NordicDave

    Longest after TBo

    How about calendar time? My O-470R lasted 250 hours beyond TBO and 33 years since last major. Calendar time aging was becoming a factor plus needing 2 cylinders and a 3rd heading south and some gaskets needing service; decided to overhaul in 2022 instead of fix. Very glad about that decision...
  6. NordicDave

    Looking for Cessna Service Letter SE75-7

    Having challenges finding this Cessna Service Letter SE75-7 regarding bladder capacity placards on line. Anyone have a PDF or a link? Thank you!
  7. NordicDave

    Fuel Tank Capacity Placards - actual or useable?

    Anyone have a link to Cessna Service letter SE75-7 on fuel quantity? Google is coming up blank.
  8. NordicDave

    New Traffic display for ADSB-In devices

    Not sure it's better enough to give-up similar looking Foreflight's traffic alert or Garmin TargetTrend. Rather not have to switch apps for a specific task when the one already in use is nearly the same. At least for me, greatly prefer to see possible conflicting traffic alerts on the same...
  9. NordicDave

    Are we still debating that you have to get the plane in the air VS running it on the ground for 30 minutes is good enough to get the moisture out?

    If the plane cannot be flown, then consider having the engine pickled as per the maintenance manual.
  10. NordicDave

    Strut collapsed

    I appreciate your perspective Domenick. For me... Cessna explicitly specifies nitrogen and it's required for my plane, if I want the log entry to state "serviced as per factory maintenance manual". For the benefit of others... Nitrogen molecules are larger and less prone to leakage and...
  11. NordicDave

    Strut collapsed

    Check with your local FBO to use their nitrogen tank. Probably pretty cheap. These tanks are under 2000 psi and have a PSI adjustable regulating valve. Compressed shop air or via a hand pump will have water as a byproduct which can introduce internal corrosion.
  12. NordicDave

    Strut collapsed

    Others have mentioned compressed air... check your service manual which likely specifies nitrogen and for good reason. Also lowering the tail to fully extend the nose is usually required to get the oleo tube sufficiently charged. Follow the service manual.
  13. NordicDave

    Remote towers - doomed?

    That camera is owned by the Pilot's Association on Field. It's helpful for checking the weather. We frequently have days when the fog pea soup on one end of the primary runway and clear on the other end.
  14. NordicDave

    Remote towers - doomed?

    The airport has the full system with the cameras, but only exposes part of the capability. It's how they were able to share the still image the airport release showing that dreadful mid-air, a split second before it happened.
  15. NordicDave

    Remote towers - doomed?

    KWVI Watsonville has all the technology & equipment installed to facilitate a remote tower. There is screen running in the terminal showing traffic from the system. We have an unusually busy airport on the weekends, and would benefit from a remote weekend tower IMHO.
  16. NordicDave

    GNS430W Issues

    Yes, call Garmin Aviation support number. They are very helpful and will have the answers for best next steps. They have been good at providing guidance for diagnostics.
  17. NordicDave

    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    NO. The facts were well discussed earlier in the thread. The twin was flying 200mph through the pattern with flaps and gear up. If he was going to land, it wasn't at this airport. The 152 pilot would never suspect a knucklehead is 600' rocketing through a busy pattern.
  18. NordicDave

    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    August 18th was the 1 year anniversary. All of us on the field are still waiting for the NTSB final report. Sad, the parents of the 152 pilot came to the airport and still suffering from the senseless loss. The victims deserve faster answers than the present FAA & NTSB timelines provide. Both...
  19. NordicDave

    G3X software update

  20. NordicDave

    Reno races

    I'll speak heresy... The Reno races are not what they used to be and the event is getting tired. The whole thing has evolved into an equipment race. There was much more excitement in years past of small enthusiast teams championing aircraft. Same thing has happened in auto and boat racing...