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  1. Omalley1537

    [NA] We tipping for shipments now?

    I have always tipped well, and sometimes over-the-top well if service was above and beyond. That said, I’ve been getting extremely frustrated with the expansion of tipping to virtually every service, as well as the rise from an expected 15% to now 20% or more. Worse, many of the workers in...
  2. Omalley1537

    While the engine is off ....

    Looks like the winter I decided to pull the engine in the Camaro to fix the leaky rear main and do a “little detailing”…and come spring, it had a new 383 and TKO 5-speed…
  3. Omalley1537

    Lancair in McKinney 11/11/23

    Clearly the car driver didn’t have his wife with him…otherwise she would have been yelling at him to brake before the plane even touched down…
  4. Omalley1537

    Spirit Stops Hiring

    Spirit Airlines…the trailer park that flies.
  5. Omalley1537

    Another high oil consumption thread

    Was going to post the same. Great for isolating leaks.
  6. Omalley1537

    PA—46 Down KORS-4 ok

    Obviously reporting was…ahem…lacking. That said, I tend to believe he/she didn’t simply overrun as there is a fence and road between the south end of the airport and where they came to rest. I’d think the nose and prop would be in far worse shape had it not lifted off at least briefly following...
  7. Omalley1537

    PA—46 Down KORS-4 ok

    Hadn’t seen this one posted yet. Dad lives up there, drove past shortly after it happened. “wonderful” journalism aside, sounds like a possible botched go-around. Prop tip (the visible one) doesn’t look like it was turning though...
  8. Omalley1537

    (TL;DR debrief) Well, Imma have a snickers....

    My only concern with that route is that if I’m not mistaken, the through-studs also supply the clamping force for at least one main bearing…meaning the engine could’ve been running with a bearing that didn’t have adequate retention and may have rotated some (or is about to).
  9. Omalley1537

    Float plane down in Mutiny Bay, Washington State

    Didn’t see this posted yet-please delete if I missed it. NTSB report:
  10. Omalley1537

    Reno midair

    It sounds like your true expertise is in the arena of being an arrogant alpha hotel. Its been my experience that those who have to brag about how amazing they are, aren’t.
  11. Omalley1537

    Reno midair

    Thank you and I echo your thoughts. I’ve been around airplanes (real and RC) my entire life. My dad built a house for an unlimited competitor in 87/88 and attended the 88 races to watch him. He always said someday we’d go (I was very young at the time). That someday happened to be 2011. After...
  12. Omalley1537

    Enforcement Action on N-number?

    Felonious vertical fin reversal… (Sean ducks behind cover…:biggrin:)
  13. Omalley1537

    Deceased pilot would have wanted financial penalties on aircraft museums

    “What so and so would have wanted” has to be one of the most abused phrases following someone’s passing. It seems like it’s used to justify greed by survivors more often than not.
  14. Omalley1537

    Body Transport

    Some real gallows humor there…
  15. Omalley1537

    737 Hard Landing at John Wayne

    Now arriving, gate 12 Gate 13 Gate 14 Gate…
  16. Omalley1537

    The world will end shortly…

    When I still had my mega cab Ram, there was a company doing long bed (8’) conversions…I can’t imagine trying to park one. The mega with the OE bed was bad enough.
  17. Omalley1537

    Oh Chute

    Good that you were able to see the “positive” side…:)
  18. Omalley1537

    Delta jet (Milan to JFK) damaged in severe weather

    When the people saying the oceans are rising are also buying oceanfront property, you know they’re full of bull manure.
  19. Omalley1537

    Ahhg! An airplane flew over my house!

    Nope-as a society we’ve adopted the notion “if something annoys me, it should cease, no matter what it means to anyone else, or who I might have annoyed with my own choices.” Examples: -moving in next door to an established noise source, then trying to shut it down -moving in to a...