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    Owning a plane in the DC SFRA

    Ive heard the hangar wait at Leesburg is something like 15 years. SFRA flying is a bit annoying in the summer because you can’t go to cooler altitudes. If you file IFR you get rerouted all over College Park is where I’d go if moving. Metro a few blocks from the airport, easy 20 minute drive...
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    Garmin G5 Calibration Pitch Shows Nose High Level Flight

    I have to say that this thread has inspired me to use ChatGPT to massage my posts. Input text plus mystery modifier…
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    Do you ever feel like the plane isn't there?

    Carbon monoxide?
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    Almost had a plane vs car

    Dude looked too low Stop signage not great We’d need more video to see if the driver knew they were so close to the end of a runway. I’m fairly amazed the pilot wasn’t injured
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    "He was such a good pilot..."

    Cessna flyers have friends and a screwdriver?
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    Bluetooth Connections?

    iPhone to the 345 to listen to music or make phone calls works via Bluetooth for me. Enjoy
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    Garmin G5 Calibration Pitch Shows Nose High Level Flight

    I thank all of the posters itt: I’ve learned quite a bit. Does anyone here know if the flight path marker is always on in the gi275? Or does it need to be activated in settings? Unfortunately for me, now all I can think about is heads up display lol. I’m tall, and get neck strain looking...
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    If anyone needs to renew their IL aircraft registration...

    An end of world type would say those lists make it easier for confiscation…
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    Is “reaching your breaking point”

    I think this actually hurts his case. 23 (probably) means he was just swinging wildly. Or has horrendous technique. Further, even after 23 he still had enough rage to battle with the other guy. We need the myth busters to come out of retirement and show exactly what it takes to defeat that...
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    Strength of GA?

    Parts availability-which plane are you interested in? Since you haven’t purchased yet, you should be fine unless you’re set on something rare Hangar availability-if a hangar is required because you plan on buying a fabric plane etc….call around now. Otherwise, why is a hangar required...
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    Jetson One - Marketing

    Open cockpit on a subzero day is definitely a no go for me Can I land on the roof at work? What do I use for tie downs, hvac equipment and a chain? Just stay away from bathroom and kitchen exhaust ductwork! Will the secret service at the White House shoot me down as I head to 1800 G street...
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    Jetson One - Marketing

    So, can I commute 26 miles on one-half charge? If it can then I’ll have free electric from work!
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    A guess for installation?

    I was told 30 hours by a reliable mechanic just last week fwiw Of course every plane is different ymmv etc
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    Jetson One - Marketing

    His left hand seems to have an extra firm grip throughout the video. Following power line cut outs probably seems safer than above the trees, and is certainly lower. Maybe they are thinking from a car drivers’ perspective, with the ability to take short cuts here and there. The video is kind...
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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    I started shivering when I figured out where this is
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    A tale of two sign girls...

    I agree with cheap and callous but….the ones I’ve known have done many things with negative or zero return…like sign girls for new homes.
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    ForeFlight Sentry

    I must be lucky since I’ve had no issues. A friend also mentioned the same disconnection issue with his. Did support have you run diagnostics or download its logs or whatever?
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    The street washing machines woke us up every day at about 6am (ten years ago) It was much worse for the people passed out in the street or sleeping in cars or truck beds The freshly washed streets helped a bit with the stickiness but walking through the resultant rising vapor was gross...
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    Avoid bourbon street and other known tourist attractions like the plague since there’s great food and music everywhere Beware, it’s easy to get emotional at the WWII museum.
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    how long to complete an annual inspection for C182

    16 hours was the number in 2007-2012 18 by late teens 20 hours the last couple years Fwiw Probably just going soft in my old age.