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  1. aftCG

    Transient tie down fees

    In general I find that the decision about whether I'm paying a tie down fee rests with the rampers. And buying any amount of fuel usually makes that concern go away. And where is anyone landing a GA plane where "landing fees" are a thing? F that
  2. aftCG

    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    Neither. If you've got the budget then buy a plane with the work already done. A seller never gets back what they put in. Plus, no waiting, no cost over runs, no supply chain or labor issues.
  3. aftCG

    What are we all thankful for this year?

    My most recent first class medical
  4. aftCG

    Bose A20 issues

    I also have a set that does this. Because I used them for my job I couldn't wait the X number of weeks for the warranty return. So I bought a second pair and shipped them in. It only took a few weeks and they came back with what looked like new everything. It took me a while to test them out and...
  5. aftCG

    Crankshaft failure in flight, lost propeller, no injuries

    "No, all those cases of Gatorade were sitting right there when I landed on the frozen lake"
  6. aftCG

    Commercial Privileges Scenario Question

    I'm still confused as to why he's paying his wife for something.
  7. aftCG

    Sonex High Wing "Unibrow" - What are the aerodynamic implications?

    Steve Whitman was a genius designer (setting aside his opinion about rib stitching dope of and fabric wings). The wing may look odd but the Tailwind was a very efficient aircraft in terms of mph/hp.
  8. aftCG

    Piper Matrix

    RE: bonanza handling [cough] Bellanca Viking
  9. aftCG

    Van’s Aircraft Facing Challenges

    Pretty sure Textron is owned by the Chinese
  10. aftCG

    Cessna Cardinal C177B Pilots and Owners - Training and Flt Characteristics.

    The thing about the 150hp Cardinals is they make a fantastic two seat airplane. And because everyone and their grandmother knows, a 150hp version should be avoided like the plague. So you can buy one for less than a C150.
  11. aftCG

    Peltor Headsets Repair

    One of the best headsets ever made. Two decades ago I was a broke a** CFI and needed a good headset. I was envious of the cool kids with their Lightspeed XLs. I went to the Aviator Store at KBFI prepared to drain my resources. The person working that day took the time to let me try on all...
  12. aftCG

    Cessna Cardinal C177B Pilots and Owners - Training and Flt Characteristics.

    Almost certainly still 180hp. The 180 and 200hp 360 Lycomings a very different engines. I've owned an RG and have hundreds of hours in all versions of the 177. It slips beautifully with no restrictions on flap use. I typically use 20 degrees of flaps and slip as needed. Since you are new to...
  13. aftCG

    PA 28 Down in Kentucky, Fatalities

    Well, in addition to the above post with the CFI's own image and words ("headed are way" - really?) acknowledging the severe weather, there was this quote from the CFI: You've no doubt read about the hazardous attitudes. We're taught to believe that CFIs are unquestionable masters of aviation...
  14. aftCG

    What attributes do you think new MOSAIC compliant LSA aircraft should have to return General Aviation to 10,000 aircraft sales per year?

    If that set of goals were attainable the plane would be for sale already (MOSAIC or not). You're asking for a 916 powered Cirrus for 1/3 of what a Cirrus sells for.
  15. aftCG

    ForeFlight iPad Notice

    Bricking my device is what turned me into an Apple hater many years ago. I get that a company doesn't want to support a device after a certain period. Fine, don't offer repairs and don't upgrade the OS. In my case I had an iPhone which worked perfectly and was every bit as functional as the day...
  16. aftCG

    How old is to old

    Update. I was post #21 in this thread a while back. I went on to become the assistant chief pilot/instructor/check airman for that company. Loved every minute and I'm still on staff there. I was recently head hunted for a job flying a Pilatus PC-12 air ambulance. Just passed my check ride...
  17. aftCG

    House Rep husband dies in Alaska crash

    St Mary's is gravel but it's 6k' long. Lynden Hercs and Ravn Dash 8s land there all the time. Now if it's like Tweto's crash where the articles kept saying it was "just after takeoff near Unalakleet" then it could have been 60 miles from St Mary's, and yes, could have been an improvised location.
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    Gender reveal gone very wrong.

    So, it was a girl?
  19. aftCG

    Aerodynamacists and Tattoos

    Oh, snap!
  20. aftCG

    Trevor Jacob Crash and Burn

    Will he have access to a fire extinguisher while incarcerated?