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  1. bflynn

    What to do after a PPL?

    Recommendation - the difference between a R-ATP with a 4 year degree and a regular ATP is 500 flight hours. Compare the cost of those 500 flight hours with the cost difference of the Part 141 training. Example, at ERU I remember seeing the flight training was 85k plus another 100k for tuition...
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    A Socio economic discussion about boomers.

    Let me tell you about my new job. I have 30 years of experience and a proven method and track record of delivering projects. My new job as a senior manager wants me to leave all that behind to be a cog in a poorly designed machine. They do not want me innovating, being creative or...
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    Not sure if I'm screwed

    I'm looking at it again and reading it more closely, I think it applies to something else. The case was Cochise v US and covered billing fraud for security services in Iraq. The Court clarified the difference between a 6 year limitation to bring a fraud case by the government vs a 3 years...
  4. bflynn

    Recording broadcast TV [NA]

    Many years ago I recorded from cable and broadcast TV to my computer. The setup included an IR emitter that changed the channel on the cable box. There are still similar systems around. Now we hardly watch tv anymore, you guys are my entertainment.
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    KMER Castle Airport CA - Castle Air Museum

    Very close or very closed? By context I think you meant the first.
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    Not sure if I'm screwed

    It’s the federal standard. It’s slightly more complicated than that but the ultimate limit is 10 years. If you go back to a FAA medical be sure to keep them to ensure your consistency.
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    And things just went downhill from there...[rant]

    That’s a rather tender subject.
  8. bflynn

    And things just went downhill from there...[rant]

    Well, that solved the problem of being hungry.
  9. bflynn

    Not sure if I'm screwed

    If it was 6-7 years ago and you just did basic med, I would do nothing. In 4 years it will have been 10-11 years ago and according to a 2019 Supreme Court ruling absolute the statute of limitations is 10 years. Do get the copy of your medical and keep it.
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    New hydrogen engine

  11. bflynn

    What do you use to deice your plane

    Depends - people don't like it, but I've used warm water. When done under the correct conditions and knowledge, it's safe - used to melt frost when the temp is at or just below freezing and low humidity. When not used right, you create a popsicle. I get that it can refreeze, which is part of...
  12. bflynn

    Looks like VOR is back on the menu boys...

    That we know of. The ability to spoof the GPS network from an airborne or space based platform isn't a radical stretch and could conceivably already be in play without our knowledge.
  13. bflynn

    Prop control knob hard to push/pull

    I've never paid attention to the spray because when I help I'm usually doing plugs, but I know there is a lubricant applied to the throttle/mixture/prop every 50 or 100 hr inspection we do and out of 15 aircraft/10-15k hours per year I've never heard of sticking throttles. Depending how often...
  14. bflynn

    Kill Devil Hills (FFA) Trip Suggestions

    December won't be a popular time to go. It can be cold. Bundle up. If you're walking to the hotel, ask about your ability to walk through the memorial from the front gate, otherwise plan to walk around it. If you want to see everything, I'd allocate at least 4 hours to the memorial. It...
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    FAA FOIA request pilot enforcement records

    Yes, but that won't prevent peopel from discussing the topic, then wandering onto the next topic.
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    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    This is my answer right now because I really am away too much for work. But waiting for the right airplane and waiting for an overhaul are both waiting.
  17. bflynn

    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    I see two aircraft of interest to purchase right now, same model, same year. #1 looks good, but has 2300 hours on the lycoming A1A engine. That's an overhaul for me, the aircraft is fairly discounted for the engine. #2 has 200 hours on a pretty recent overhaul but makes e-man's mooney look...
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    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Surprisingly, atomic bombs are difficult to detonate. If they aren't armed at most you might get a small conventional explosion with the dirty fallout from the material inside. You have to detonate all the explosive charges in the globe at exactly the same time to trigger the implosion that...
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    Looks like VOR is back on the menu boys...

    But if that transmitter is on a satellite transmitting the stronger signal, "line of sight" covers quite a large area. Obviously that's a military application. My last CO always kept the standard that advanced electronics would be broken during a real war and we needed to be ready to fall back...