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  1. Crashnburn

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    I don’t think so. If I forget to use the rudder or use it too much chair flying, there’s nothing to tell me I’m not coordinated. ATT least the sim will let me know. Lots of other examples where chair flying falls short. I had a lesson Thursday. There were lots of clouds and we stayed clear. It...
  2. Crashnburn

    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    Makes sense, IF you can be guaranteed of the quality of the overhaul. OTOH, buy the plane with the clapped out engine; get the plane discounted by the price of the overhaul, and you'll know what you get in an overhaul.
  3. Crashnburn

    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    Makes sense, if you can gaurrantee I hear biplane pilots are even more attractive.
  4. Crashnburn

    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    I have lots of women cooking for me. Mrs. Kirkland. Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Final. Mrs. Kingsford. Mrs. Safeway Select. Mrs. Hungry Man. Etc. Now all I need is a hot wife.
  5. Crashnburn

    Do you ever feel like the plane isn't there?

    Beat me to it.
  6. Crashnburn

    Aircraft Leaseback

    Put your money into a REIT Index or Exchange Traded Fund. (REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust) This will build equity in real estate, and give you a little bit of current income. Someone else will do all the managing, etc. If you still want to do leasebacks, I think Aerodynamic Aviation in...
  7. Crashnburn

    New hydrogen engine

    There's a small matter of efficiency. Last I heard, you needed to put 2 KW into cracking water into H and O to get 1 KW back. Might be a little better now, but still won't be 100% efficient. If you're going to have a compressed fuel, I'd recommend LNG.
  8. Crashnburn

    Fighter Pilot looking for advice on the GA world

    Beat me to it.
  9. Crashnburn

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    Thanks all. I was scheduled for my stage one check this past Saturday, but I picked up a nasty bug on the way back from looking at hangar homes in Texas. I canceled all three flights for that week. I'm rescheduled for Dec. 15th. My simulator helps knock the rust off so I'm closer to doing it...
  10. Crashnburn

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    I'm well over a hundred hours and still pre-solo. Life has happened multiple times since I started flying in 2001 (just before 911).
  11. Crashnburn

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    I know it's been a long time since my last post, but I have been flying and getting ground instruction. My steep turns had deteriorated but with coaching from a substitute instructor, I found the key. I finally got a burble from the prop wash when I finished up the steep turn to the right...
  12. Crashnburn

    Cessna Cardinal C177B Pilots and Owners - Training and Flt Characteristics.

    The original, 1968 models, had 150 HP, and they were anemic climbers. Starting in 1969, Cessna put 180HP in the fixed gear models, and that fixed the climb rate issue.
  13. Crashnburn

    Good book for student pilot

    Performance Pilot. It has something for every level of pilot: ab.inito to seasoned professional.
  14. Crashnburn

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    NA A lot has happened since my last post. I got laid off (again!) two Fridays ago. That was a week after the board let the CEO go. They laid off 1/3rd of the company, and 1/2 of the engineers. My hiring manager is fine with being a reference for me. He also said that I'd get severance, but I...
  15. Crashnburn

    Pilot arrested for DUI blows .00

    My wife at one time sold custom packaging and got samples of the products. One time she came home with a Breathalyzer. I had a few swigs of alcohol and blew a perfect 0.0. I’ve never been much of a drinker so was never tempted to see if an official Breathalyzer would have the same result.
  16. Crashnburn

    For Sale FS: Home & Hangar on private airstrip near San Antonio Tx

    As far as I know, it’s back under contract.
  17. Crashnburn

    getting a license but older

    Not an aviation lawyer, but my understanding is if it's been at least a year since MJ then you're golden. Worth researching.
  18. Crashnburn

    Finally restarted my flying lessons.

    Most likely. However, a couple flights ago there was a guy on the radio in the air that was nearly clueless on the radio, He was obviously foreign born, and when the exasperated controller asked if he had a CFI on board, he said he had a GPS. I want to be a lot better than that when I'm flying...
  19. Crashnburn

    Pretty sure my Trans Am needs a new rear main seal

    Good news on the Firebird. The rear main seal has a very small leak, but one of the cylinder head cover gaskets split and sprang a leak and was spitting oil. It was last replaced last year; the shop did the repair under warranty.
  20. Crashnburn

    getting a license but older

    You're eligible for Sport Pilot.