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  1. Tyjay30

    Air-to-Air Cessna 310R

    Great as always, Jack!
  2. Tyjay30

    Texas Members please read

    Happy to see all the people who were in attendance...seems now that he had family, and they had buried him back in Decemeber..definitely interesting...
  3. Tyjay30

    Crash of a...ah...airplane(?) at Willow Run

  4. Tyjay30

    Piper Owner Society and Cessna Owner Organization

    Great news, Jack! You deserve it!
  5. Tyjay30

    Living the Life

    Beautiful home and location!!
  6. Tyjay30

    C-182 Skylane with PeePonk mod.

    I feel like I remember reading @Katamarino flew a 182 with the Pponk
  7. Tyjay30

    "Bluebonnet Belle" crash in Burnet,Tx

    Says they were leaving for KOSH, looks like RLOC on takeoff, 13 survived, one with serious burns...thankful they walked away!
  8. Tyjay30

    Non-Flying Public and Airplanes

    Lucky we were able to take these before @Lowflynjack showed up and told us we weren't supposed to be in his hangar! :D
  9. Tyjay30

    Piper Sport down at Addison (Dallas)

    Not many ditching options around there...glad to see they atleast made it back to the field, instead of into one of the many buildings around there... hope for a speedy recovery
  10. Tyjay30

    Got the Blues?

    Great pics, Jack! Just saw the other day they were going to be at the HOT Airshow in Waco in April...hope to make it there! Glad to hear that the Deputy gave the guy the "departure breifing" he was desperately searching for! :D
  11. Tyjay30

    Best Issue of EAA Sport Aviation Magazine Ever!

    Congratulations! Well deserved Jack! Great work as always!!
  12. Tyjay30

    eman got gas

    Just took my checkride two weeks ago for the add-on! Highly suggest it!
  13. Tyjay30

    2017 in Review

    2017-Got married, got the wife pregnant, flew a little fixed-wing, got my rotorcraft/gyroplane rating 2018-Have a new pilot born, hope to still fly quite a bit as long as the new pilot doesn't break the bank!
  14. Tyjay30

    Insurance Fraud

    Some peoples kids... ;)
  15. Tyjay30

    Hangar Burglary

    Sorry to hear this Jack. I'll keep an eye/ear out for you.
  16. Tyjay30

    Show us your Christmas Tree

    Even kept it aviation related!
  17. Tyjay30

    Air-to-Air Cessna 182RG

    Great looking pics as always!
  18. Tyjay30

    New Addition

  19. Tyjay30

    American Made - Tom Cruise new movie

    went to see it Friday, there were maybe 30 people...definitely a lot of empty seats
  20. Tyjay30


    In before the lock, just because @mscard88 is mentioned in the thread! :D