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  1. GLMS_NC

    PC 12 Down off of NC Coast

    Hunter Parks, one of the passengers, was the owner of the airplane. His girlfriend was with him along with the four boys. ‘Teen’ Rawls (Dad) was in the left seat and his son, a ppl student, in the right seat. Teen had flown for Hunter and was familiar with the aircraft. The son had flown with...
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    Another crash at KSUT

    Had he taken off to the south, you have the beach, ocean, and ICW out the wind screen. Glad he’s OK and home today.
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    Aircraft down near KSUT

    Nothing good here.
  4. GLMS_NC

    Seaplane flips off Bald Head Island, NC

    N38HP Plane is out of the water. Indeed an Air-Cam.
  5. GLMS_NC

    Seaplane flips off Bald Head Island, NC

    Apparently caught a wave on takeoff and flipped. Both occupants rescued.
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    PA32R-300 Down at Myrtle Beach SC

    Victims identified. Including a small child.
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    Aircraft down near KSUT

    This story is developing and none of the information is very good. Details and several pictures over at Mooneyspace.
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    Aircraft down near KSUT

    It is indeed 13LV. He went in between two houses and hit the trees. Came back resting against one of the houses. Plane engulfed. Amazing he went in between both homes. Plane has not flown in a while. RIP to the pilot.
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    B17 crash at Dallas. More names mentioned, along with comments from an aviation attorney.
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    Citation Down Into Percy Priest Lake After Takeoff From Syrna MQY

    It’s still available.
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    Retirement questions

    I just love this topic. Why is there so much of “go hire a financial planner” advice and we seem hesitant to openly talk about details. There are so many variables blah, blah, blah. Go research it. Average life expectancy in the US is 78.8 years. Life expectancy has not moved much in the past...
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    Advice sought on dealing with idiots

    You can’t fix stupid. Nor can you argue with stupid.
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    Thinking about a Ford F 150 Ecoboost

    It does pull well. But at a higher cost, and that was my point, and you seem to concur.
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    Thinking about a Ford F 150 Ecoboost

    Therein is the big difference with the 3.5 vs the V8 - tow mileage.
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    Wrong way, Ohio.... Wright?

    The North Carolina division of aviation tweeted a great response. With regard to how to orient the airplane… How would Ohio know? They weren’t there.
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    [Na]Who is traveling internationally these days?

    Just returned after eight days in Switzerland, connecting aircraft through Amsterdam. had to have a negative Covid test to leave Switzerland. I couldn’t believe how few people were there. Showed my negative Covid test in Geneva to fly home and no issues beyond that. flew on an A330 both ways...
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    [Na]Who is traveling internationally these days?

    Me. Tomorrow. I'm not living like a hermit due to Covid. You get one shot at life - go make the most of it.
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    What is your (affordable) dream plane(s)?

    SR-22 with a chute. All the new tech in a proven airframe. Not ready to jump to the SETP airframes yet.
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    What's your go-to Concealed Carry weapon?

    Glock-19. Or the Sig-Sauer P226. Glock is preferred but the P226 will do as a back-up.
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    SUT - Any hangar options?

    It is very tight. Some new construction is planned and there was a condo hangar that sold earlier this year, so there is some movement, but very slow.