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  1. Fracpilot

    FAA FOIA request pilot enforcement records

    I love it when the student knows more than the instructor and then tries to tell all of these people with all of these hours to include professional pilots that he knows best about aviation safety. Let’s just say I feel bad for your CFI and I’m glad you were never my student. Enforcement...
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    Is a major overhaul (MOH) required for airworthiness (in part 91)?

    You’re not required to OH under part 91. I also subscribe to Mike Bush’s opinion on overhauls. The 100 hour/annual inspection requires the engines to be compression checked, inspected and borescoped. When the IA signs off the annual, he /she has determined your engine is airworthy.
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    Horizon Jumpseater goes crazy

    I was trying to be optimistic. The FBI report is out and this guy is toast. He’s done. I hope he didn’t ruin jumpseating for the rest of us.
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    Horizon Jumpseater goes crazy

    Something doesn’t smell right with the reporting on this. Those fire handles are closer to the jumpseater than the pilots. If the JS wanted to pull them, then he could before the pilots could do anything about it. Second, if he wanted to play GermanWings and take out a plane, then why not wait...
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    GTN 750 Arrival Procedure

    ATC will NOT give you the transition if your joining the STAR past all of the transition points. Having been in the OP’s situation weekly, If you’re past the transition, ATC will give you a fix on the STAR and have you join the arrival from there as you stated. It’s up to you to load the...
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    GTN 750 Arrival Procedure

    You did this procedure correct. That’s exactly what we do flying as airline pilots. Not on a 750 but in the FMS. The process is exactly the same.
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    DPEs: how firm is the >50NM rule? Would distances of 49.5NM be rounded up?

    50 is 50. Not “50ish” or “about 50”. It’s a hard “at least 50” so I would just comply and makes things much easier for yourself.
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    310R Brake System reservoir

    Correct. They are behind the rudder pedals. If you have Cleveland Brakes, then you need the adapter to bleed them from below at the brake.
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    Cheap and fast MEI program.

    If you’re close to south Houston I’ll be happy to do your MEI prep in your 310. I even have a great DPE for you.
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    Cheap and fast MEI program.

    This is silly. Fellow 310Q owner here. Right engine is at 1800 hours with zero indication that it needs to be OH’d. Left engine is at 1100 hours and the same. We do inflight shutdowns every year. We do NOT have unfeathering accumulators. I did my MEI in my 310. There is nothing “stressful” to...
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    2024-T3 AL in Saint Louis?

    Aircraft Spruce sent mine next day
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    Galveston, Texas PIREP ?

    You might want to consider KEFD too. It’s 30 min from GLS. It has the Lonestar Flight Museum and you can taxi your plane to the museum. EFD has has self serve fuel that’s pretty inexpensive in the opposite side of the Lonestar Museum. The only FBO at EFD is Signature. They take good care of you...
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    Air Conditioner value

    I know when I was acquiring mine during Covid, they had a lot of supply issues with the circuit board that delayed them sending it to me. I then had to send it back for a leak in the freon. I have not emailed or called since they repaired it nor to inquire why the Freon version isn’t for sale...
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    Air Conditioner value

    Huh?? The standard lapse rate is 3.5 deg F or 2 deg C per 1000 feet up to FL360. Not sure how you came up with 5.4F/1000.
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    Air Conditioner value

    Now that the aviation community VARMA approval, I wonder if anyone has pursued this approval process to repair older AC units with off the shelf and non PMA parts. I have the real freon AC from Arctic and love it. Sad to see they stopped manufacturing it. They’re only doing the ice coolers now.
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    Now if I could only put a G3 touchscreen and GFC 500 in my 310 under VARMA [emoji23]
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    Upholstery / interior re-do’s. Cost?

    I did my interior 2 years ago at “Best Aircraft Interiors” located in North Houston, TX (Hooks Airport KDWH) and Jorge did an amazing job on a full interior install. It came with the burn certs and A&P logbook entry. $16k for a 31310 with 6 seats.
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    OCONUS ISR Jobseeker

    What’s the end game goal? Airlines? AGR? You have a great resume just not a lot of time. Have you looked into Guard/Reserve jobs while your quals are still hot, even other fighter units? I know of Reaper units hiring with those skills, but if the end game is the airlines then you definitely...