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    high oil consumption

    Anyone has any experience of adding a litre of Mobile 1 5 hours before the oil change to clean the rings?
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    Cherokee PA28-140 Forward CG fix?

    Replace the instruments with G5/AV-30 and remove the whole vacuum system. 8lbs saved there
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    C150 Engine Upgrade

    For an O-200 it's 46K for a factory new and 44K for a factory overhauled engine.
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    Longest after TBo

    80hp Rotax 912. Went 4300 hours over TBO.
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    Continental 0-200A issues?

    Exhausts valves. I’ve had then stick on brand new cylinders within 50 hours. The Centre Main Bearing you know the one that’s the same size as that on the A65 is also a perennial problem and that's expensive. And this problem is worse with a metal prop. I know people lament about the O-200 but...
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    C150 Engine Upgrade

    The inability to buy jugs for O-200D's is an indicator of the mess continetial are in at the moment. And the prices they are charging for O-200A parts is unbelievble.
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    C150 Engine Upgrade

    Although I don't think it would be much of an upgrade the O-200D would be an upgrade. A few pounds lighter and more HP. As let's face it the O-200A never developed 100HP. MT prop would be lighter, smoother and give a touch more umph to. Anyone for the STC?
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    Get the Lead out -- time to stop dragging our feet

    What about the CA airports where 100LL is banned. Are any of them stocking or going to stock 100UL? I'd pay an extra buck a gallon. All 4 of my exhaust valves have stuck on my O-200 in 400 hous since new. I run an oil filter so I would be going to 100 hours between oil changes.
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    Liberty/Discovery XL 2

    Allways needed the fuel injected Rotax in it
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    Continetial Prime IO-370

    Could anybody school me about this engine? Is it just a continetial built lycoming 360? Or is it a 4 cylinder Continetial 550?
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    FAA To Approve Use Of 91UL Fuel In Two-Thirds Of Piston Fleet

    If UL91 is the same price as 100LL I would use it every time. The oil will stay cleaner longer and my O-200 exhaust valves really don't like the lead. Please remind me did 100LL ever have any approval for the 0-200?
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    What is cheaper, a new airplane or an old one?

    Its different for flying schools as a new C172 or Pa28 will come with a 180hp Lycoming O-360. So you get new airframe reliability and what is probably the most bullet proof engine in the industry. The schools will run those engines right through to 4000 hours then overhaul them. When the...
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    Rotax 916

    I very much hope so
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    Replacement Suggestions for King KX-155 Does anyone have any experience with these guys?
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    Upgrading a NAV/COM instead of an older model GPS

    What are the inbuilt intercoms like in the Trig and Garmin Nav/Coms. Do either off them offer auto squelch?
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    Upgrading a NAV/COM instead of an older model GPS

    Is there anything wrong with the KX-170?
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    Can I get some input on a Cherokee 140/160?

    I think the 140 with 150hp engine can get a Peterson STC for mogas. The 160hp version cant.
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    Slide in replacement for a Garmin 400 or 400W

    I have been offered the choice of a Garmin 400 or 400W for a good price. Now I know e everyone say dont fit it as they are not supported but it would be an affordable upgrade for my PA28. I was therefore wondering eg if there are any slide in options eg Avidyne 410?
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    IOLs which kind

    For flying monofocal lens.
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    The $20/hour Cessna 172 experiment—Update

    Rotax 915is with wobbly prop. That's what I would like to see.