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    Plane down in San Diego

    News 10 said it was a Cessna 185 that departed MYF.
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    Plane down in San Diego

    Possibly talking to SEE. Too lazy to liveatc it.
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    Plane down in San Diego

    Got a plane that went down in La Mesa, CA (San Diego suburb) this afternoon around 3pm local. Possibly inbound to MYF or had just departed SEE. So far, article is saying 2 people have been transported to local hospitals...
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    Another Route Help Request: KSAN-KOSH

    HII closed until June 11th FYI
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    Would appear to be N2038Y based on the times. Came from Corona.
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    Buckeye Arizona Air Fair and AOPA Fly-in Feb. 17-19, 2023

    I drove in today (Sunday) around 130 for the airshow. Kinda cool. Ate lots of food tho
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    Cirrus down MYF (San Diego)

    I just listened to the audio. Seems the trim issue came first, followed by a go around. Tower had an aircraft line up and wait 28R and asked 0YZ go around and asked to offset to the north.
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    Cirrus down MYF (San Diego)

    Looks like a cirrus N700YZ went down at Montgomery Field Saturday around noon. Said one soul on board who sadly passed.
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    Another crash departing SEE (San Diego)

    Looks like another crash on a single engine plane after take off from Gillespie Field. Not much info other than the crashed happened at 12:38pm today Oct. 4th. Found what appears to be the plane involved. RIP. N887QR
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    KHND Humor

    Humor and HND don’t belong in the same sentence. The older sounding gentleman that works there always sounds so grumpy. I’ve only been to HND once but I felt like I was a bother to him just flying in when it was dead.
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    Mooney down at CMA Camarillo CA

    FlightAware has N305L departing at 7:59am. Looks like they were headed to DVT (Deer Valley) just north of PHX.
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    Skydiving plane down in Oceanside (again)

    It’s a Cessna 208. N7581F
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    Skydiving plane down in Oceanside (again)

    GoJump skydiving plane down again in Oceanside, CA (OCN). 2 injured, 1 of which was airlifted to a hospital. 2nd time in just over 3 months. Last accident with GoJump was late February 2022...
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    ATC loopholes

    San Diego gives out Bravo clearances like candy and LA gives Bravo clearances on the charted transitions every time I fly them.
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    Any of you fly in Calif?

    I did not. Went to Ventana Grill in Pismo. Good food, great views.
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    Any of you fly in Calif?

    Just flew by SMX Saturday flying CRQ-L52 and back. First time at L52. Cool little airport.
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    Huntington Beach PD (CA) police helicopter down.
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    Huntington Beach PD (CA) police helicopter down.

    Seems like the Huntington Beach police helicopter crash landed this evening near Newport Beach. Not many details out as of yet.
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    Mistery flight with my N-number

    So I’m guessing it’s a controller mess up. And I say that because N4360F is a plane in my flying club and it happened to go to a club fly in at L77 today which is 22 miles east of TRM so that’s probably why your plane showed up in CA.
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    So this is what a blown nose tire feels like...

    Yeah. It was something wrong with the tube. Told it was old and cracked. ‍♂️ Rental plane problems.