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    Special issuance for 3rd class medical

    Denial or deferral? If you already had a denial letter the first time I don't think you'd have gotten letters 2 & 3. If it's a another deferral you're still in the game.
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    Finally doing it..

    UPDATE: M3 did arrive in the mail just in time for the weather to go stinko and conflict with long arranged travel plans. Go figure.... But.... I finally did get to SOLO on 10/21. Thought I did awful, but nothing got scratched. Training resuming with Tower Work/Tower Solo next.
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    Special issuance for 3rd class medical

    Ummmm… I think you misspelled "Basic Med"...
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    Special issuance for 3rd class medical

    I was deferred 4 times. It took 3 months the first two times, 3 weeks the second two times to hear back. I was given from 30 to 60 days to respond to each request for data. Not a fun marathon, very frustrating, but I did cross the finish line.
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    Special issuance for 3rd class medical

    Yes.... winds up giving me a few days shy of a year before renewal.
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    Special issuance for 3rd class medical

    Just got my M3/SI two weeks ago. One year 27 days.... but who's counting. Hang in there, follow instructions, hit the deadlines and you'll eventually get there. Don't be afraid to ask for extensions in order to get information gathered.
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    Finally doing it..

    Update...... Well after 4 deferrals and 1 yr 19 days patiently waiting....... I HAVE PASSED Medical 3! Called OKC this morning and received a congratulations you have been issued and it went out in yesterdays mail. For a number of months I have not been able to advance forward having done...
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    Where to start

    Have your realtor look for you an old spaghetti farm.... 60 feet wide by 3,675 feet long.... That's your best chance on 5 acres. I have 13 acres that's 3 times long as it is wide and I'm not close to having enough space to land anything but the best of the best bush planes in there on an ideal day.
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    In-air oil changes? What?! How did they do it?

    I would imagine they plumbed in 2 remote oil filters that could be valved off one at a time while they changed the other one. They also had to have a way to monitor engine oil level during flight. Most likely a sight glass arrangement. The article I read said they pumped fresh oil in to add oil...
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    How long does a deferral take?

    I'll let you know.... on round 4 of the deferral merry go-round since sept 2020...
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    Finally doing it..

    Yes, have done everything dual that we can. All down to soloability…. Should have soloed back at 15 hours. currently at 29.7 hrs.
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    Finally doing it..

    Update.... Canned again but down to one item only, no more mention of the two biggies, so I guess I've cleared those hurdles. Now we're down to the dreaded sleep apnea loop. Should be doable, just going to further delay things again. Should have soloed months ago but can't without medical i...
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    Airplane purchase process

    Ours was simple... just fell in our lap and we filed bill of sale and registration change request... then waited... and waited. 3 months and it showed up
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    C-172 over 100K

    Rising aircraft prices are making me feel better about the $40k+ we're putting into upgrades on our 172.... We should be able to actually get our money back if needed....
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    Kid killed in Navy ejection seat

    I've been working with and around egress systems for 15 years and still aren't completely comfortable with the idea of working in a confined space you're sharing with 2 lbs of explosives and solid rocket propellant...….I'm extremely careful and wary that all points in the system are safed...
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    Third-Class Medical deferred due to DUI 16 years ago

    Yikes... Deffered in September, Non HIMS issue, Hoping to get mine by June.... Nothing seems to be moving in OKC, total gridlock.
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    Called OKC. Said to call back in a week?!

    Been calling in weekly for months..... it's total gridlock
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    Timeline of deferred medical

    Seeking M3/SI w/Non psychiatric/non substance issues and I'm still in a holding pattern at 7 plus months now.....
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    Land O’matic

    I thought the BMW Isetta was actually a 4 wheeler with two wheels closely spaced in the rear