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  1. AKBill

    Last Day For Studded Tires

    April 15 I think is the last day in Juneau. I never used them, some folks swear by them.
  2. AKBill

    107 Magazine Covers

    very nice. Of the 107 what are the model types? Bet you don't have a Beech Sport. Come on up to AK and shoot mine before I sell it this fall...:rolleyes:
  3. AKBill

    Juneau Airport (rant)

    Flew out of Juneau today 8:30 am departure. 6:30 am I got stuck in long term parking lot because they have not cleared the lot of snow and ice, and I have a 4x4 truck. No one at airport could help me out. They said call a tow truck!!! Found a shovel and spent 1 hour trying to dig out, no luck...
  4. AKBill

    Piper down in Lindenhurst NY

    I had a transponder let all the smoke out about 10 miles from the airport. Told tower I had smoke in cockpit I was going to land on rwy 08 and I was shutting electrical down. I did not declare but should have. They rolled the trucks anyway.
  5. AKBill

    TSA Finds Explosive

    Boy that's what I would do is page the person to come to security...:rolleyes: And first place I would go after being paged is "home"...:lol:
  6. AKBill

    Got my Mooney back finally!

    I'm in the same boat, I'm putting my Baby Beech Sport up for sale. Going to do a good annual this spring, hopefully fly a bit this summer and sell in the fall. I figure I have had a good run, owned it since 1996 flown it from coast to coast. With the loss of my wife in December 2022 and the...
  7. AKBill

    Got my Mooney back finally!

    @Salty I'm happy to hear that you and your wife are doing well. Sorry Mooney will not fly again.. :( Take care
  8. AKBill

    Air-to-Air Beech Staggerwing - EAA Vintage

    Nice, love the lines of the Stagegrwing. Some performance numbers STANDARD DATA: (G-17S) Seats: 4-5; Gross weight: 4,250 lbs.; Empty weight: 2,800 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 170 gals.; Engine: 450 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior. PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 212 mph; Cruise speed: 201 mph; Stall: 60 mph...
  9. AKBill

    What are Roosters for

    If your tenants are raising the chickens as a hobby for pets, fine. But if the think they are going to offset the cost of eggs they are going to spend more money raising them than the eggs are worth.
  10. AKBill

    Airline Watchlist

    Your pocket protector is showing...:)
  11. AKBill

    printer for home use

    Thanks for all the information, I picked up on what to look for. We have a Fred Meyer, Costco and an Office Max here in Juneau, I'll start my search there.
  12. AKBill

    printer for home use

    I really don't need a color printer most everything I print is black and white
  13. AKBill

    printer for home use

    well maybe says it's a Deskjet
  14. AKBill

    printer for home use

    So the key is getting a printer that uses toner not ink?
  15. AKBill

    printer for home use

    Hi everyone, I'm very disgusted with my home printer. It's an HP1510 laser jet. Don't get me wrong it prints fine but the cost of ink is crazy. I think its over $60 to replace the color and black cartridges. Probably bought ink so far that totals 3 or 4 times the new cost of the printer. What...
  16. AKBill

    Can a man have too many tools? [NA]

    I'm trying to downsize, and need to get rid of a fair amount of tools. I retired in January 2021 and just don't need a lot of the tools I have. There are 6 tool boxes I keep in the hangar and probably 6 or more tote or hand carry boxes plus another 2 top boxes at home. The thing is most folks...
  17. AKBill

    How long will the 747 fly?

    The 747 will most likely fly longer than most of the planes I have worked on. DHC-2, DHC -3, P-3, A-4, T-2, F-4, C-150,C172, Beech B-19,C-208, C-207, ...... Well maybe not all of them but some of them..:rolleyes:
  18. AKBill

    Should I not own if I can’t find hangar space?

    What type of plane? Sorry if I missed it in the thread. I tied down for 20 years in Juneau, AK. Not my first choice, been in a hangar for the last 4 years or so. Same plane, Beech Sport. Used engine, wing, tail and canopy covers in the fall thru winter. Again not my first choice but it worked...
  19. AKBill

    Dear auto manufacturers.....[rant]

    my rant is all the modules they use today to control everything from wipers to fuel pumps. I think my truck 2009 GMC 1500 sierra has a dozen modules. Recently the fuel pump module failed. I bought one and found out it needed programed. Well the dealer needs the truck and the module to program...
  20. AKBill

    Tie Down Fees - What's Yours?

    In Juneau tie downs are $60/mo. I rent space in a hangar for $350/mo. Nice hangar but take $$ to heat in the winter..