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  1. Maxmosbey

    Just turned 21... What'd you do for your 21st birthday?

    I was taking a cruise on board the USS Intrepid. Can't remember if we were out to sea for my birthday or in some port.
  2. Maxmosbey

    Enterprise Car Rental Policy Change

    I spend four to five months a year in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I rent a car pretty regularly from Enterprise in Condado. They come and pick me up at my condo in Old San Juan and take me to their office in Condado. Most often I rent them for a day, sometimes three days, and occasionally longer...
  3. Maxmosbey


    I have a brand new computer, that I bought at Best Buy, and it has nothing more installed on it than it came with, that being Windows 10. It does not have enough memory to update. I'm not sure whether that says something about my cheap computer, or the size of the update.
  4. Maxmosbey

    [NA] Gluten Free. Rant?

    I believe in these allergies and intolerances, I know people with them and they can get real sick if they are not careful, but where did they come from? When I was a kid, fifty or sixty years ago, everyone drank milk, ate peanut butter, and I don't think that gluten had been invented. But...
  5. Maxmosbey

    [NA] Gluten Free. Rant?

    Haha, that's me, except oatmeal. Oatmeal gives me gas. I mean a lot of gas. But I love oatmeal bread, so sometimes I just eat it and fart. What the heck, at my age no one pays any attention to me anyway.
  6. Maxmosbey


    Yes, many do. But just because you go there and click some boxes, does not mean that they will comply with what you have checked. Hence, the thread. I have clicked the boxes Several times. Now what? As far as not giving out my email address, it is hard to communicate with a company without...
  7. Maxmosbey


    It aggravates me that some companies get my e-mail address and start sending me multiple emails every week, advertising their stuff, but then won't let me unsubscribe. Best Buy is one of them but not the only one. I bought a computer from Best Buy, and somewhere along the way, probably when I...
  8. Maxmosbey

    NA your latest imbibement

    Either rum and Coke, or a Cuba Libre. I use Bacardi rum, mainly because it is cheap, especially in PR. Nothing special. I have one almost every day at three, to celebrate that I'm still alive and kicking.
  9. Maxmosbey

    20 years in prison for shooting down a drone?

    Read the story. It is all opinion and conjecture. No one has gotten sentenced or is in the process of getting sentenced to 20 years for shooting down a drone. In fact, the judge dismissed the charges on the one guy who shot down a drone.
  10. Maxmosbey

    NA: To buy or not to buy pet insurance?

    I'm agreed. I was raised on a farm in the 50s and sixties. Pets were pets. Most of our dogs were strays that showed up, or dogs that some old neighbors who was retiring and moving into town wanted to get rid of. We loved our pets, don't think that we didn't, but I loved the cattle that we sent...
  11. Maxmosbey


    I retired three years ago. And when I say retired, I don't mean retired but still working. There are a couple of things. First of all, you can sit down and figure out what it is going to cost you to live when you retire using any formula that you want, but when you actually retire you are going...
  12. Maxmosbey

    NA - Disney Cruises

    I've never done a Disney cruise, but I live in Old San Juan, PR, and when a Disney cruise comes in to Old San Juan, you know it. All the other ships come in and dump the passengers off. Disney makes a production of it. They set up tours, they dress their guides in period costumes, and march with...
  13. Maxmosbey

    Donut Etiquette

    Hahahaha. I had that conversation one time. It came up in a training exercise when I was a police officer. I told them that if they shot up all their ammo and didn't hit whoever it was they were shooting at, they weren't getting any of mine to waste.
  14. Maxmosbey

    NA; Citizen Science -opinions

    Science and Math, the two absolutes that have let me down enough times over the years that I don't put all my faith in neither of them. Science is what we think we know, because we have observed something happen enough times that we have come to a conclusion that it is predictable. Or I should...
  15. Maxmosbey

    NA; Citizen Science -opinions

    I just got into amateur astronomy this winter, and that is what all of the amateur astronomy sites and books say. That it is the one area of science where amateurs have made significant discoveries. I don't plan on making significant discoveries, but it is fun and interesting. I'm learning a lot...
  16. Maxmosbey

    Donut Etiquette

    I actually liked the Navy. I was in helicopter squadron. I worked a lot on the flight deck and I loved being out to sea. I also liked all the places I went to. I too left as a an E5. I was an ADJ2. I used my GI bill for college as well. It ended up being good for me and overall it was not a bad...
  17. Maxmosbey

    Donut Etiquette

    Well, I enlisted in the Navy because I didn't want to be drafted into the Army. It wasn't like I wanted to go. But I thought that the whole officer/enlisted thing, and all that getting ordered around was a bunch of BS. I did what I had to do, put in my four years, got my honorable discharge, and...
  18. Maxmosbey

    Donut Etiquette

    That right there is why I would never make it in the US Military Academy (a.k.a. West Point)
  19. Maxmosbey

    Colored Concrete

    My mother wanted my dad to pour her a parking space along side the garage and she wanted it brick color. So I went over in the morning on my day off, and helped him poured it. At four in the afternoon he called me and told me to bring over a sledge hammer, because my mom hated it, and he wanted...
  20. Maxmosbey

    Donut Etiquette

    I think I will just bite my tongue and not comment on that.