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    Antinov AN-2 down near Sacramento

    Here's Big Panda-Monium, which used to be a regular on the field at KCCB in Upland, CA. It was lost in a crash (suspected carb icing) near San Bernardino, where the pilot nearly made an open field but clipped some power lines. Aircraft ended up inverted but fortunately only minor injuries to...
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    Landing Palmdale....THEN the fun began!!

    With a sly smile, she slowly started unzipping her overalls and whispered, "Now do you want to have some real fun?" "Ah, this can't be real! You have golf clubs in there?"
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    Cruelty to Senior Citizens

    Parmalat always makes me think of F1 racing. They sponsored the Brabham BT50 back in the day, one of my favorite designs. Piquet driving, at the height of his powers, and that BMW turbo 4 making upward of 1000 bhp in qualifying trim.
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    Why are ramp checks allowed when random traffic stops are not?

    Because...aviation. Brought to you by the same folks who allow search without probable cause every time you fly commercial.
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    Okay, call me sexist, rascist, homophobe, xenophobe........

    The Kennel *******? Because everyone likes dogs. :D
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    Leaded gas and the it comes

    As a kid raised on a steady diet of leaded paint chips under a ceiling of asbestos popcorn and insulashun, I've yet to sea any reel harmfull effekts Yur millag mite very
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    The Last Flight of N32YX

    Yeah, my thought as well. Maybe camera angle exaggerated it, but AOA looked seriously steep after canopy opened.
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    Thoughts on Vans RV?

    My only "overhead break" was when I lost my mechanical fuel pump at 5500' MSL. :D How tall are you? The main gear weldments on my recently sold -9A never came anywhere near my calves...I'm 6'2". They also make exceptional cupholders. They do sell quickly, and maintain their value well. I sold...
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    737 down off Honolulu

    No, those are the ones covering the music of the pianist gently tinkling in the corner.
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    Ok Fl pilots, which of you caused Falcon 9 to scrub

    A Falcon 9 shredding a Saratoga would be must-see TV on Smithsonian's Air Disasters. (not that I want it to happen....but if it did... )
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    I don't know how to feel about electric bikes...

    Thanks for a good laugh! :D What you said really distills the matter to its essence.
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    I don't know how to feel about electric bikes...

    Very true. I just bought a Pedego City Commuter (48V Li-ion pack, 500-watt hub motor) and love it for the dial-the-exertion feature with its five levels of assist. Anyone who says pushing a 60-lb. bike with balloon tires to 25 mph (5 mph over the governed speed) is not getting any exercise...
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    Solar power

    I've got a friend who lives in Modjeska Canyon, CA, and he just had the Tesla battery system installed. Solar panels weren't an option as the tree canopy there blocks much of the sunlight. But the batteries are quite convenient in an area that increasingly has fire-danger electrical shutdowns...
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    Cirrus down in Truckee

    And with a low deployment, isn't the aircraft swinging more under the canopy? Coupling an ill-timed downward swing with a nose-low attitude at impact could be an even nastier scenario.
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    Here we go again. More accidents in Colorado (updated title)

    123 in Palm Springs today! :eek:
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    Toga down Madisonville TX

    A woman? :)
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    Fuel efficiency of airplanes

    You're correct. Built by a reasonably competent homebuilder, it exceeds them! Using TAS is probably a better way to compute a plane's mpg, as it takes headwinds/tailwinds out of the equation.
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    <NA> Motorcycle photo thread

    In the '80s I always wanted a Honda Transalp.
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    Rental car shortage & GA travel

    Dunno, but some friends of mine just got back from a Hawaii golf outing and paid $1900(!) for a 6-day rental of a Chevy Tahoe!