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  1. Cruzinchris

    Best Phillips bits

    Throw away your stainless steel fasteners and go back to Cad-Plated. They don't look as good after time, but will last longer!
  2. Cruzinchris

    No oil filters available.....

    Filter has >50 hours and >6 months. Flown regularly however. I wonder if the Tempest will come off and go back on safely. It is one of those you do not lube the gasket.
  3. Cruzinchris

    No oil filters available.....

    As you probably know, oil filters are difficult/impossible to obtain due to "supply chain issues". My Lyc 0-320 uses a Tempest AA48110-2. It time to replace it. Any ideas? Earliest shipment from Aircraft Spruce is February (I ordered 2 in October). What about just removing the old filter...
  4. Cruzinchris

    Thinking about a dual sport/adventure Motorcycle

    I've owned dozens of bikes. The Honda ST-1300 is best!
  5. Cruzinchris

    Anyone here from the old gang at the Fremont (CA) airport?

    There was also a great drag strip near the Fremont Airport. Hatted to see both of them go.
  6. Cruzinchris

    HIMS Examination (What to expect?)

    Be completely honest. If you get caught in a lie or half truth you will end up regretting it. Make her feel like what ever got you into this deferral situation, it is behind you. That doing the right thing and being able to fly is really important to you.
  7. Cruzinchris

    Beech Sport 411

    I have a Beech Sport 19A. It is a wonderful, solid, easy flying airplane. After 7 years of ownership only maintenance cost have been oil, filters, spark plugs, new ignition harness and annuals. I fly it weekly and smiling the whole time.
  8. Cruzinchris

    Going Experimental?

    I'm the OP. Thanks for all the comments. What I want to do is to be able to install the great experimental avionics available. AoA's for example. Even the Garmin G5 Exp is something like $1000 cheaper than the certified G5. And they are the same. I want to put in my own designed LED...
  9. Cruzinchris

    Going Experimental?

    I am an electrical engineer, I was trained in the Navy to work on airplanes, etc. I want to work on my certified airplane and make reasonable modifications mostly electrical. Even adding a USB plug requires a A&P signoff and I know a lot more than he does about things like that. Thinking...
  10. Cruzinchris

    Any experienced users of Garmin GNC 300XL?

    The 300XL has an excellent Comm radio built in. That is why mine stays in the panel.
  11. Cruzinchris

    Help-Med Denied

    Do not lie or omit facts to the FAA. Hang in there, talk to the good AME guys and work the program. I was considered hopeless to get my license back. It took 5 years and $25,000 but I now have a honest medical.
  12. Cruzinchris

    Tempest Oil Filter Mess

    Thanks for your info. No problem torquing with any of my sockets. On removal I tired a 12 point initially and it started to slip immediately. Went to the 6 point and it seemed to grip but slipped before coming loose. I think they should drop the EZ!
  13. Cruzinchris

    Tempest Oil Filter Mess

    I like Tempest products; spark plugs and oil filters with a magnet. Unfortunately, I had a recent issue with their oil filter, trying to get the darn thing off. They have a 1" nut to facilitate removal. Unfortunately, they paint it. When trying to get it off the plane my socket would not...
  14. Cruzinchris

    Spark Plug question......

    Okay, the original question. Pull the plugs when the engine is hot or not?
  15. Cruzinchris

    Spark Plug question......

    The spark plugs on my Lycoming 320 are all threaded into Heli-coils. On the last annual one of them got buggered when removing the plug and had to be replaced. What a pain. Yes, I used anti seize. Would the plugs come out easier if the engine is warm/hot? The aluminum head would expand...
  16. Cruzinchris

    Want To Buy Buying a C-150 or the “best airplane one can afford”?

    MarkH is correct. The Cont 346 was only offered for one year. It is a good engine, but parts are nearly impossible to find.
  17. Cruzinchris

    Want To Buy Buying a C-150 or the “best airplane one can afford”?

    Beechcraft Musketeer. They have the bulletproof Lycoming 320 or 360. Good IFR platform. Roomy inside. No severe maintenance issues. I love mine.
  18. Cruzinchris


    I got Vertigo once on my instrument checkride during an unusual attitude. He said you've got it when we were upside down. I recovered by looking at the AH and and mistakenly pulled back. It broke into a spin. I recovered from the vertigo and the spin while under the hood. The DPE was...
  19. Cruzinchris

    Beech Sierra Experience?

    Please join the Beechcraft Aero Club ( Hard Starting topics have numerous threads and there are really experienced guys on there that will give you great advice. All the Service and Parts Manuals are archived as well. It does cost $50/yr. but it is the best deal...
  20. Cruzinchris

    Prop Painting

    John, I got a quote for $1200 here in California. How much in Memphis?