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    [POLL] Have you felt sick or tested positive for COVID since Jan 2020?

    Tested positive for Covid last fall. It was honestly on par with the cold that I seem to get every year about the same time and I was very surprised by the positive Covid test. Very, very mild (fortunately) and I've been far sicker with the flu a few times in my life. I completed the...
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    Airline Flying This Summer

    I started traveling for work again in mid-2020 and something I've noticed is that a lot of the flying public is just a little rusty on the whole routine when compared to the before times. That's obviously not the entire issue, but perhaps an aggravating factor. It is what it is - bring some...
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    Passport renewal status

    Just renewed the wife’s about two months ago. Paid for expedited handling, but we probably didn’t need to. From sending the renewal application to getting the new passport was probably 4 weeks, maybe a hair less.
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    You know you’re getting old….

    For me, it was realizing that an entire generation has no practical idea of why we "hang up" a phone to end the call.
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    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Congratulations, pilot! It is literally the most fun I've ever had in the pattern. Get that shirttail tacked up in the FBO, pronto! The solo cross country is so much fun, too.
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    Credit card

    I personally have the Amex Gold and Amex Platinum (obviously with slight distinctions from business versions). If you can make use of the Membership Rewards points sufficient to offset the annual fee, it's a good deal. Otherwise, IMHO the Gold Card's other benefits do not justify the annual...
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    Left handed pilots

    Right leg - not enough elbow room if I put it on the left. I have learned to do many things right handed, but like others, writing isn’t one of them. Right hand handwriting looks like a 5 year old wrote it while blindfolded on a tilt-a-whirl.
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    Thinking about doing a "custom" home build.

    We just built last year in suburban Atlanta and my parents are currently building in suburban Chattanooga; timing right now is a bear. We picked from the floorplan menu of a tract builder in a planned development and it still took 50 weeks contract to closing (pre-Covid, they said it would have...
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    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Good luck with the weather! I’m working toward my check ride and should be going solo next Saturday, weather permitting (summer in Atlanta means thunderstorms out of nowhere, so who knows). I think I need another hour or so to tick the box on that category.
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    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Getting connected with a CFI you gel with is key. That's made all the difference for me. It really stood out the handful of times he's been away or under the weather and I needed to fly with another CFI. The couple of "pinch hitters" I've flown with have been fine, but it was enough to...
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    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Passed my PPL written this past weekend - 93%, which I'll gladly take! On to the practical soon!
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    Burger King - Price Hikes

    This may be somewhat regional, but when I was in high school Hardee's (a/k/a Carl's Jr in some places) came out with "The $6 Burger", which I think they now call a "Thickburger". In any event, the whole point was that it was a sit-down restaurant quality burger that one might normally expect to...
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    NA - Basement Fridge Kicking Breaker

    Clearly, it's not a fan of Voodoo Ranger or Southern Tier! @biplanebob that is a thing of beauty. That's exactly what I want to have done tomorrow if at all possible. @Juliet Hotel I saw the electrician with one of those the other day. I didn't realize they were so cheap to pick up. On my list!
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    NA - Basement Fridge Kicking Breaker

    Thanks very much, everyone. Sounds like the consensus is that we need to get the fridge off of a GFCI one way or the other. I'll report back. The good news is that the builder is, for the moment, still picking up the tab for the electrician since they're characterizing it as a construction...
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    NA - Basement Fridge Kicking Breaker

    Thanks, guys. As I understand it from the orientation we received from our builder, the "new" type of GFCI outlets do not have the reset switch directly on the face of the outlet as has always been the case, rather everything is built into the breaker itself. Same story in our kitchen and...
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    NA - Basement Fridge Kicking Breaker

    We just built a new house and have a second fridge (also brand new) in our unfinished walkout basement. We had this "basement fridge" in our kitchen for about a month while we waited on the prettier one bought for the kitchen to show up off of backorder before having the basement fridge moved...
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    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    and was directed by Steven Spielberg. It's one of those movies that I never set out to watch, but if I happen upon it while channel surfing, I end up watching for half an hour.
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    WOW - USPS

    Inside the city limits of a large Atlanta suburb. That's another funny thing; the city I live in is one of the top 10 largest in Georgia, but the post-office refuses to recognize my city since it only incorporated a decade or so ago (it was an unincorporated area of our county before then)...
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    Crazy web site price quotes

    What were "normalized prices" for something like a PA-28-140? "Normalized" being what were prices before the market really started going crazy and driving prices up? There is probably a much better and more objective way to ask this question, but I am hoping the spirit of what I am asking is...
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    WOW - USPS

    We're building a new house and I recently learned that the post office refuses to serve a new end-of-driveway mailbox. "To serve me better", the USPS delivers the mail to a little hut down the street that houses a giant mass of mailboxes - sort of like what you might see at an apartment...