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  1. RyanLikesFlying

    Wanted: Club Membership LSA club/partnership in GA, USA

    The C162 Skycatcher is a great little LSA, regardless of what some of the haters have to say. I did my PPL in it and loved the little plane. Parts may become an issue down the road, but probably more plentiful that some experimental homebuilt LSAs out there. $140 an hour AFTER membership is...
  2. RyanLikesFlying

    Long XC in Cessna 150?

    Thanks for all of the comments. I've been lurking and reading them all. Looking at the poll, I can see about half of you are in the Hell no category and the others are split. This type of mileage is definitely a two day trip in a 150. In thinking about it, I think this trip may be longer...
  3. RyanLikesFlying

    Long XC in Cessna 150?

    Sorry, I agree. I meant in one day...
  4. RyanLikesFlying

    Long XC in Cessna 150?

    Weve all heard it, a long XC is a series of short ones. But who’s done it or regularly does it? I rent a 150 regularly from a friend for a very reasonable price (fuel, MX, and keeps it flying- he flys his RV8 mostly), and I have a lot of these work trips coming up where I have these grand ideas...
  5. RyanLikesFlying

    Wanted: Club Membership Looking for a club membership in the Charlotte, NC area

    Have you looked at Wings Over Waxhaw at Jaars (N52)? Its the club I am in. Very reasonable price and our 172 is almost always available! PM me for some more details if you're interested.
  6. RyanLikesFlying

    What to do with my Bose X

    I still use my Bose X and will until it craps out. Great headset! Keep it around as a backup for a passenger. If you are wanting to get rid of it, I'm sure someone here would buy it, serial number or not.
  7. RyanLikesFlying

    Destin/Fort Walton area pilots?

    Jim, too bad I'll miss you! Have fun in Nashville.
  8. RyanLikesFlying

    C-130 Crash Savannah

    I’ve been on several C-130 flights where we shut down an engine. It’s not a split second process. Both pilots and FE are involved and there’s a lot of check and verify going on. Yes, this is a boldface procedure but someone will have a checklist out of they can manage it. Granted, the shut down...
  9. RyanLikesFlying

    C-130 Crash Savannah

    Not at all, which is why it came to mind. C-5 crash at Dover, if I recall?
  10. RyanLikesFlying

    C-130 Crash Savannah

    I agree. Definitely odd. Maybe one needed to be shut down and the wrong one was pulled back. Hard to say. These old WC-130s were tired...
  11. RyanLikesFlying

    Destin/Fort Walton area pilots?

    Hey ya'll, I'm headed down to Destin/FWB area on Sunday for a week. Anyone fly out of there and doing any flying next week? If so, if you have an empty right seat, I'd be happy to split cost with you if you show me around. I did my military flight training out of Pensacola a few years back...
  12. RyanLikesFlying

    C-130 Crash Savannah

    Routine MX on a military AC could mean alot of things. Crew chiefs and other maintainers have a whole slew of inspections every so many hours, especially while it's on the road. But I agree with you, hopefully it wasn't something that could have been avoided.
  13. RyanLikesFlying

    C-130 Crash Savannah

    Really hits home as my unit went through this in 2012 when we lost a C-130 due to a crash (MAFFS 7, NCANG). I feel terrible for the PR ANG. It’s a long road to recovery and will effect their unit for years to come. I hope that it was mechanical and not pilot error. The PR guys have been the...
  14. RyanLikesFlying

    For Sale RAM mount Small Tablets

    Why not return it? Amazon is the new Walmart and will take just about anything back.
  15. RyanLikesFlying

    The hardest part about flying

    I do the same thing. I spend more time thinking about where to fly to than it takes to get there. Half the time, I’m halfway there and pop into a random field I’ve never been to, unplanned, and head back. I need to make a list of burgers to eat in the SE or something.
  16. RyanLikesFlying

    Folks in the mid-Atlantic Might Want to Check Their Tiedowns

    Where in CLT you fly out of? I was thinking the same thing today...
  17. RyanLikesFlying

    Barf Air

    Clear and a million today in the Carolinas too. I thought about flying but saw some reports like this...
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    Have you tried calling them? You got their number?
  19. RyanLikesFlying

    Looking for advice on portable cockpit cooling

    Seems like an idea my wife would come up with too.