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  1. RussS

    SI Issuance

    I have to agree with Jon Wilder on my understanding of the whole thing. The requirements of the SI must be followed while the medical is valid and only during that time. You can get basic med as soon as you have a valid medical, assuming you qualify at that time. SI medicals usually expire in 6...
  2. RussS

    Something going on around DC

    The flight path looks correct for a flight filed to ISP that never got the runway and approach loaded in. The last filed fix, then direct to ISP. Flight plan runs out and goes into heading mode. What doesn’t make sense is there was no speed loss before the rapid descent started. If it were fuel...
  3. RussS

    Can I Pass My Medical While On Suboxone And AntiDepressants

    Not saying an eventual certification isn’t possible….but it sounds like a very long, winding, and expensive road. Aside from the medications, the depression diagnosis is going to be a huge issue which requires a lot of steps. Reach out to a senior HIMS AME…Dr Chien and Dr Fowler frequent this...
  4. RussS

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder from VA C&P Exam

    I did not read any disrespect from either party. Why would you want to push away input from another AME on this site. All relevant information is valuable for POA members…this is a medical forum, not a popularity contest. Of course Dr Chien is a tremendous asset here…does not mean we don’t need...
  5. RussS

    "not valid for any class after." (no date)

    As far as I know, they can’t ask you anything about your medical, only if you have one. So I don’t think they would even know about an SI prior to being hired and having the document in hand. My guess would be some other issue.
  6. RussS

    Cost of HIMS AME for difficult case.

    3 DUIs….that’s gonna be tough. My guess is you will need rehab followed by AA….and a lot of time and money. Nothing is impossible though.
  7. RussS

    Messed up on medical app

    please explain how it is “incredibly bad advice”? Because he didn’t contact your firm before correcting a MedXpress that doesn’t exist yet in the eyes of the FAA? I am certainly not of the camp that no aviation lawyer is a good idea…we all know that sometimes the FAA needs to be reminded of...
  8. RussS


    90 days is not bad…11 months is pretty bad unless there has been a bunch of back and forth. You could call you’re local congressman and ask them to submit a congressional inquiry on your behalf. They should be happy to do it….and I’ve heard that it CAN actually work to get the FAA to “notice”...
  9. RussS

    Messed up on medical app

    I’m not saying submit a new app to get around any kind of medical issue. I’m just saying unless it goes live, it doesn’t really exist. So one COULD just let it go and submit a new one with the correct info on it. I agree that OP should talk with a good AME to decide what should be included in...
  10. RussS

    Messed up on medical app

    Submit a new app with a different email. As long as you haven’t seen an AME yet the original one will never see the light of day. If the suspension was over 10 years ago it’s likely not an issue…unless there was alcohol involved. Depending how long ago 13-15 years old was for you, those records...
  11. RussS

    3rd Class SI stuck in HIMS

    I believe you are correct. You must abide by the terms of the SI while the current medical is valid. After that you are free to go Basic Med
  12. RussS

    SI renewal turns into alcohol history inquiry

    I would request your blue ribbon file from the FAA, “with applicant notes” and see what is really in there from your psychiatrist. My guess would be some form of monitoring (14 in 12 months urine tests). Something rung the “abuse bell” and it likely cannot be un-rung without evidence of...
  13. RussS

    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Thanks! It was a grind for sure. I should note I am restricted ATP. I got my bachelors during that time as well. I am with Republic.
  14. RussS

    So, student pilots.. Who are we and where do we stand?

    Final update on this thread for me…from zero time to ATP rated airline pilot in 27 months. This was a second career for me and I went all in when I decided to make the jump. Anything is possible with passion and support. Anyone who is aspiring to become a pilot of any kind, don’t give up. It may...
  15. RussS

    Small Plane Down Near KXLL

    Gateway is still a staple at Queen City. Proflight has no affiliation with Gateway. I think they used to operate out of Brayden, but I could be wrong. All of the new PA28’s are, in fact, Gateways new fleet. A pretty impressive upgrade although I learned and taught in the Diamonds and will miss...
  16. RussS

    1st Class Med when actually do have ADHD symptoms?

    with that logic, why even bother with the license. You can fly all day to your hearts content. Forget all that pesky training. It’s not like you can get pulled over in the air. Who would ever know ‍♂️ the medical certification process is often unjust and definitely broken…that doesn’t mean you...
  17. RussS

    I forgot what I disclosed in last medical

    This. It saves a ton of time looking up appointments you’ve had within the 3 years and makes it easy to know when you no longer have to list them. Consistency is important, I believe….especially when dealing with a broken system.
  18. RussS

    Board certified psychiatrist familiar with FAA process - in PA area

    Tom Riordan in the Philly area. Known to the FAA. He may want a referral from a HIMS AME though for an FAA evaluation.
  19. RussS

    FAA delays

    Generally a certified letter means asking for more information…..I believe.
  20. RussS

    Continued training while awaiting medical correction

    There is no medical requirement pre-solo. You are good to train.