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    JetBlue Hired Violent Felon

    lol ok..
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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    They’ll have to contract out the design to a company that still knows how to design airplanes by then.
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    CVT transmission

    I have a 2014 ford fusion energi hubris with CVT. No issues at about 70k miles. I find it to be far more responsive when accelerating compared to the new 8 speed cars I just drove. No downshifting or hunting for the right gear leads to a much more pleasant ride.
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    Float plane down in Mutiny Bay, Washington State

    Another update from the Seattle Times: The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency investigating the crash of a seaplane last month off Whidbey Island, said...
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    Sales tax, saving a few bucks

    It’s also 80,000 over 10 years including replacements for turnover…
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    Choice in Aircraft Engines

    I would suspect one of the big factors with engines and avionics is that the manufacturer probably gets a better deal going with an exclusive agreement and then also only has to engineer for one. You see it with outboards too on boats from the bigger manufacturers.
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    NOTAM: Missiles inbound

    I think the idea is they are headed for bases…
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    Cheapest way to build a hangar

    The building code is going to dictate the structure so that it stands up in the wind and snow and is safe. Making it look nice usually costs more. As someone mentioned the door is a big part of the cost. I would be surprised if you didn’t have to get an engineer and or architect involved at some...
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    Lycoming o320 vs. Rotax 915: cost to own

    Maybe they can release the 936 at some point.
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    Which brand of washer/dryer should I get?

    Got rid of our Samsung front load washer when it broke and couldn’t be repaired and replaced it with an LG top load that has worked well so far.
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    Current loan rates

    I reached out through the aopa links and was able to get this kind of info without credit checks or anything. It’s worth sending the email.
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    New Student Pilot AME Deferred to FAA...

    Would be great if everyone could go straight to basic med. would remove a big barrier to entry for a lot of folks. Myself included. Time to call my congressperson!
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    Can I take my neurocognitive battery before I go to the physical?

    Being in a similar situation, does this mean it could all go in in one pass and also be able to know if you pass before you submit? I would love to be able to go basic med it don’t want to lose the sport pilot option.
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    I’m calling the peak

    River bank foliage?
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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Pilot uses bush plane to collect yeti coolers off the beaches in alaska.
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    Airplane Options That meet my mission

    How many millions are you looking to spend?
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    Comfortable Ownership?

    While I don't own a plane yet so can't contribute actual costs, I have gone throung this exercise recently. I actually found it surprisingly easy to get some real potential cost info. AOPA will quickly give you actual quotes on insurance and loans based on your actual information. Just find a...
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    Anyone know where to find aircraft data? publisher of Jane’s all the worlds aircraft. Seems to be the most referenced for that kind of thing.
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    I’m calling the peak

    that pink RV12 has been up for a very long time and seen several price reductions. We’ll done I think but sure limits your pool of buyers!