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  1. Ben2k9

    Garmin Aera users...question for you

    So I don’t suppose a usb drive could be loaded with the update and then transferred to the Aera must have a computer running to actually load up the update. Do I have that right?
  2. Ben2k9

    Best ADS-B to use with iFly app on iPad?

    How does the homemade stratux unit connect with the EFB? Does it have it's own WiFi?
  3. Ben2k9

    Garmin Aera users...question for you

    Is there any way to update the databases other than connecting to Wifi?
  4. Ben2k9

    Purchase question.

    It is probably to reposition the plane to where he wants the prebuy inspection to take place. So he doesn’t own it yet.
  5. Ben2k9

    Pre-purchase inspection.

    Varies, but $8k might be a ballpark average.
  6. Ben2k9

    Pre-purchase inspection.

    Do yourself a giant favor and hire Savvy Aviation to manage your pre-buy on the Cirrus. Just went through this myself earlier this year and you don’t want to be on your own on this one. Also, don’t do an annual until you actually own the plane. Doing an annual instead of a pre-buy is not...
  7. Ben2k9

    How to perfect rudder work in the last 10 feet?

    can't stop flying the plane during the flare and even after the wheels touch down. Keep flying the plane until you are stopped.
  8. Ben2k9

    Aircraft Purchase.

    Hire Savvy Aviation for the pre-buy inspection.
  9. Ben2k9

    Wet/Dry Lease Question

    Yes. They were leasing it to flight school so they would likely be interested in this if they continue to own the plane.
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    If I had a gazillion Dollars to spend on aviation I would:
  11. Ben2k9

    The Van’s RV-10 - Is it the perfect airplane?

    I got a quote from a building shop a few months ago and the going rate nowadays is around $270k for a new one, with a build time of 9-18 months.
  12. Ben2k9

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    Thanks and yes this is my first time to attend period!
  13. Ben2k9

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    this will be my first time to attend Oshkosh and will be renting an RV and driving up from Nashville with my family. Any good pointers from those with experience? Arriving Sat afternoon / evening. Had not planned on getting a space with electric/water hookups. Thanks!
  14. Ben2k9

    For Sale: Aircraft New Flying Club in Nashville with Cirrus SR22

    TopFlight Aviation, Inc is a not-for-profit flying club that is brand new and up and running as of June 1. The vision for the club is to have the optimal plane for every mission. (well not EVERY mission). Hangars at KJWN and KMQY. The club is leasing a 2008 Flight Design CTLS for the 2...
  15. Ben2k9

    Need a Pre Buy in New England

    If you really want to get this right, just spend the $750 and let Savvy Aviation manage your pre-buy.
  16. Ben2k9

    Lost log book woes : (

  17. Ben2k9

    Hypothetical Plane Purchase Scenario

    Based on these numbers Bill can not afford a new SR22. Better stated, he should not afford one, if unless he is financially foolish. Bill should get a used SR22 G2 or G3 model for the best value. With Bill’s salary and only. $1.3mm saved up, he’d better prioritize retirement savings.
  18. Ben2k9

    Chronic Tension Headaches

    Yo, New User, I just gave you a potentially life changing suggestion. You’re welcome.
  19. Ben2k9

    Chronic Tension Headaches

    Hey go see a doctor who can give you a nerve block shot along the occipital nerves. I had this done and was headache free for nearly 6 months. They don't last forever so I just had mine done again this week. The type of doctor I saw was a Physiatrist. Tension along the neck and back of head...
  20. Ben2k9

    Long term projection of plane value

    So the reason I'm trying to figure this out is I'm interested in starting a flying club here in Nashville and buying another plane like an SR-20 and then leasing it to the club. Trying to figure out a fair rate to lease to the club so that I am compensated for the value of the plane and earn a...