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    Fee for Discontinuance

    Can a bank refuse or punish for depositing government-printed green money? I would think they would be prohibited from that...
  2. J

    Any pireps on N74 (Penn's Cave)?

    With creative names like North & South Mountains! Believe those are the Nittany Mountains there.
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    [NA]Backward "Nav" Lights

    All I can say is I deliberately changed out all our candle lights in all our front windows plus the pole light for holidays with red/green bulbs to mimic an aircraft coming at the street. When my wife discovered why I did it that way, I got a sigh, an eye roll, then a laugh.
  4. J

    Do you grade your flights?

    I do something similar. Just the high or (unfortunate) low points that need work. I grade my landings out of/10 and include the XWind component so I can always keep track of my XWind competency.
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    When to abandon the "go" in touch and go

    Two things: Regarding the video-I will say as a student the whole “it’s always better to go around if something is not right” is beat into your head so much that even when things get sideways (literally) on the ground, that mantra is already primed & a student might think salvation lies with...
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    Two LSAs Tangle While Taxiing

    Apparently hitting him once wasn’t enough...a second and third time was in order.
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    Accelerated Instrument Training

    Regardless of who you go through, I say go for it. I used a local flight school that offered the same & was quite happy with them & my decision to go accelerated at the end. Albeit I paid a steeper price than what OBX-Scott Best is charging... His website makes it look like a nice operation...
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    What puts chips on the face of a propeller?

    Forgive the ignorance, seen this abbreviation a few times. What’s the definition AMU?
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    Plane value vs. Personal Net Worth?

    For the record, new member & post... These metrics are what I’ve been tossing around for about a year. Renting doesn’t work & unfortunately my club situation has changed direction for the worse. I’ve found some very detailed expense spreadsheets to help work through the true cost-to-own. And I...