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  1. mikea

    Tail number appearing elsewhere

    You want worse? I got a call from "The FAA" asking if had been flying out west somewhere. "Nope. The plane is in the hangar...unless you know something I don't" He said it can be a controller entering the wrong tail number. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. mikea

    Oshkosh 2020

    I'll be back next year now that I (re)learned all of the Oshkosh secrets. I'm making a list of stuff to fix and stuff to bring . Gotta soup up or replace Joan's scooter. Last night after the night airshow my scooter sport was pacing and passing guys on full size motorcycles (in traffic) and a...
  3. mikea

    Weather OSH last night?

    They have an army of pumping trucks, tractors, and graders. It hit me that most of the muddy paths are where they burned out the grass to define the lanes. I saw some John Deere mowers in Scholler on Thursday so I guess they keep grooming until the field has a vehicle on it. Sent from my...
  4. mikea

    Weather OSH last night?

    The word is that Scholler is closed to new arrivals! They're not allowing any RVs in due to the mud. RVs are being sent to parking at the old shopping center or paved parking lots. If that had been in place when I arrived I would have had to tell the Winnebago County cops to stop by to remove...
  5. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    My RV has a colostomy bag. Yes, I am a klever MacGuy. (Among other places, the vent fan over the bed drips rain. I did previously have the inspiration to get the cubical clips.)
  6. mikea

    Wx OSH Sat 20th pm

    It's been ugly. The grounds are mud city after three days of soakers and this one is coming this afternoon. They're pumping out swamps on the roads. The drainage Creek is full. There were tornadoes to the north last night and this morning. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    Clara is parked and connected in Camp Scholler. It went well except that a certain driver spent way to much of the day running around the chaos at home packing way too much and taking care of last minute stuff in the house. So I arrived at OSH about an hour after sunset. It was dark. Being...
  8. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    I gots my hookup site! The EAA site doesn't make it easy to figure out where it is. You reserve the site by space number which not-so-helpfully is NOT on the map. I went with the last site available in the block, figuring that other folks know which locations are desirable. I have my hopped-up...
  9. mikea

    Chicago Car Rental ... Need Advice

    All car rental locations in Chicago, especially the airports have a $18(?) a day additional we-can-tax-dem-dat-dont-vote-here tax. You have to go to a suburban location like Skokie (not close) to avoid it. Try rental locations in burbs near Midway, like Cicero, Berwyn,... where it is prolly...
  10. mikea

    C182 vs PA-28 cabin width

    Kent and I know that the Cherokee cabin is *cough* snug for two hefty pilots. Just say shoulder buddies. I've heard a rumor that the door can be under enough pressure that it pops open.
  11. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    Clara is out of the shop. The engine A/C and steering damper are fixed! The Muse gave me a solution to the generator problem: use my portable generator! I have two. We were able to get only the 3500 watt generator to run. I hope that will be enough to run the RV A/C. Being that I have this...
  12. mikea

    72’ Cherokee 235 head room... or lack therefore

    In my 1968 Cherokee 235 I put the seat all the way back in the track until it touches the back seat. Even in cars my legs want more length than my arms so I tilt the seat back forward. I have added a seat pad for the bottom and back to get my eyes and arms in more comfortable positions.
  13. mikea

    Which ADSB out solutions have “privacy” options

    The good news is that ADS-B OUT should prevent the two cases I've had where my plane is logged as flying when and where it wasn't, especially including that time I got an inquiry from an FAA inspector when my plane had been parked in the hangar for days.
  14. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    Clara is still in the shop. Gots lotsa time right? There's some law about RV repair where the mechanics leave it parked outside unmoved for weeks on months to allow time for it to heal naturally. They promise they'll fix the engine A/C. I told them I MUST have the generator working...
  15. mikea

    #OSH19 Jambalaya and Chili Party - Tuesday

    I'll be there and Joan will try to be there. I'll bring chairs and a table.
  16. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    When I started going to Oshkosh only EAA and AOPA members could get to the flight you joined EAA. I don't really have major gripes. We'll see how this RV trip goes. What kept me away was being able to walk the 5x5 miles. I have my own scooter this time. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL...
  17. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    Ahhh....that explains a bit. In my short time in the RV community I learn that they think $29 a night is robbery. $67 has to weed out the riff-raff but it also filters to select the RV'ers with the 4 bedroom 45 foot $500K buses. I'm amazed there are so many with those land yachts. My...
  18. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    I'm miffed mainly by the rule that you pay for an RV hookup site from the moment you reserve it: So the mele starts on June 28th with some paying $67 night until the end on Sunday July 28th. That's 30 (31?) days @ $67 = $2077. I see that they will give a refund to those who leave early, if...
  19. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    Ditto here. If the planets align I'll have my 100watt solar panel mounted to keep the batteries topped off. I mainly need it now because some phantom load is draining the engine battery. I hope I can find that. Working on it now. The coach batteries have been holding up well, so I can use...
  20. mikea

    Taking RV to Oshkosh

    It'll be my first RV stay, so...question: I gotta figure that the hookup sites are defined due to the electric/water pedestals, right? I picked up some rope and posts just in case. I can use the generator allowed spaces otherwise and be self-contained. I was thinking that I need to arrive...