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  1. Gerhardt

    Happy Turkey Day

    Spent the day with family and enjoyed the turkey, ham and stuffing. My son built a fire, I had a nap and now we are watching Charlie Brown.
  2. Gerhardt

    EAA suing the SOS Brothers beer tent...

    I was gonna bite my tongue, too, but what the hell. The first court that allowed this crap to happen turned this into a country that it was never meant to be. It's nothing short of theft. I get that there will be times when it's necessary for utility lines, roads, etc. But to steal, then...
  3. Gerhardt

    EAA suing the SOS Brothers beer tent...

    My books don't sell there either.
  4. Gerhardt

    Mustang Mach E

    1. First and foremost, the Maverick was a good-looking car. Now that's out of the way.... 2. At the time, I thought the early to mid-70s Mustangs were good-looking cars. Still do. 3. I owned an 87 Mustang and thought it was cool at the time. Now I think it's probably the least-attractive...
  5. Gerhardt

    This time I was "that guy"

    At least you landed at the right airport on the wrong frequency. It's been said that some pilots have landed at the wrong airport on the wrong frequency.
  6. Gerhardt

    Anti-Thanksgiving Feast

    Man, I don't know. I always fix a ham, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans.... I didn't know it was legal to eat anything else on thanksgiving.
  7. Gerhardt

    I hate used car salesmen.

    A MUCH better driver than everyone else. Especially my wife.
  8. Gerhardt

    I hate used car salesmen.

    One of the few times I have to disagree with you. I’m a VERY conservative driver. I look around at others who slam on the gas when the light turns green, keep their foot on the gas until it moves to the brakes, etc. And in most cases there’s really not that much difference in price between a...
  9. Gerhardt

    The way I see it.

    Nice write up. I dropped my membership years ago for other reasons, but I’ve never understood all the anti-AOPA talk.
  10. Gerhardt

    What privacy? (Story #2)

    I remember that, and the flack he took for saying it. I thought he had done the world a tremendous favor by saying it so loudly. Ironically, no one cared.
  11. Gerhardt

    Power outage/shutdown in CA

    Dang, Virgins are really getting their money's worth from their legislators!
  12. Gerhardt

    Power outage/shutdown in CA

    I hope most of what I read here on PoA is true. If so, I'm getting a better education (for free) than my son, a Mizzou freshman.
  13. Gerhardt

    Post fall color pics

    Same here. We’ve had so much rain this year the lawns are still lush and green, as are the trees. This is a first for us with the trees not even starting to turn yet. It’s kind of surreal. We normally have a beautiful autumn picture by now.
  14. Gerhardt

    POA Movie thread

    And what did you think? That's the kind of thing I think my son would really, really like, based on the previews.
  15. Gerhardt

    It's Bryan's Birthday

    What do you get the guy who has everything?
  16. Gerhardt

    POA Movie thread

    Sounds like Hanna, which I liked. Thanks for the heads-up.
  17. Gerhardt

    What do you do for living (or used to)?

    Not another attorney. I'm joking, actually. The results for folks who took the NY bar exam in July came out this morning. My niece is on the list.
  18. Gerhardt

    What do you do for living (or used to)?

    I'm always impressed with what other people do. I'm the kind of guy who looks around and no matter what a person does, most of the time says "that sounds like fun". I work for an insurance company. Originally in IT but moved to operations 20 years ago. When I leave the office I run a small...
  19. Gerhardt

    Coming to an airline near you...

    I think I'd be more offended if someone referred to my gender as unspecified or undisclosed. If you can't tell by looking at my gorgeous gams...
  20. Gerhardt

    Bought my wife a Jaguar XKR - Thinking Involved

    You're both so spoiled.