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  1. ssokol

    best pre-built stratux?

    (Disclosure - I'm the founder of Open Flight Solutions, maker of FlightBox) So here's the deal with a single antenna feeding a dual-band system... When you split an RF (radio) signal without amplifying it, you essentially send half of the energy to each of the two receivers. (Actually, somewhat...
  2. ssokol

    FlightBox Dual Band ADS-B - $240 Kit / $300 Assembled

    Open Flight Solutions is now offering the FlightBox dual-band ADS-B receiver fully assembled, tested, and ready-to-run with a one year warranty. We've sold over 1200 of these as kits and our customers LOVE them. FlightBox gives you the same weather and traffic information as the competition...
  3. ssokol

    Missing ADS-B Traffic Data?

    I've had a number of FlightBox / Stratux users contact me regarding missing traffic data - aircraft that are observed visually or on systems like TIS or TCAS but which never appear on ADS-B. I spent a good chunk of this past weekend researching and testing and it turns out that they're right...
  4. ssokol

    ADS-B WX on the cheap?

    @hankrausch - my reason for wanting the dual band is pretty simple. Even with ADS-B out (which I have - really good for testing stuff) the traffic picture is incomplete without both bands. This is especially true at low altitudes where either you don't have access to a tower (for TIS-B radar /...
  5. ssokol

    ADS-B WX on the cheap?

    @exncsurfer - the GPS included in FlightBox is WAAS capable and typically reports accuracy of something like 10 meters. Occasionally 5. It's a good chipset (Ublox Neo-7) but it does have to put up with noise from the wifi transceiver, a brushless fan, and the Pi. I tend to think of it as a nice...
  6. ssokol

    FlightBox - $200 ADS-B Receiver - Update

    Thanks! Glad it's working for you. We're working on AHRS but it's questionable if it will work with FF, but it will work with attitude / synvis products from a bunch of other app vendors.
  7. ssokol

    FlightBox - $200 ADS-B Receiver - Update

    A quick update on FlightBox ADS-B. The Kickstarter campaign ended two weeks ago with 344 backers and $77k in funding. We've ordered and received some of the parts already. We should receive the money from Kickstarter this week, which will allow us to order the rest. We're expecting to be able to...
  8. ssokol

    What The FAA Reauth Bill Means To GA

    I took a few hours (and a few Tylenol) and dug through the bill looking for GA-specific provisions. I compiled it into a blog post for anyone who doesn't want to wade through 279 pages of legalese. Please point...
  9. ssokol

    My Attempt at a $115 ADS-B Receiver Build for Foreflight

    Hi BrianNC, The $200 dual-band was an "early bird special" - a $50 discount to the first 50 people who ordered. Once those run out, the dual-band unit goes for $250. (We ran out some time early this morning.) On the GPS issue - correct. You do not need another external GPS. The GPS...
  10. ssokol

    New Kickstarter for Stratux-Based ADS-B Receiver

    We didn't include AHRS in this version because both the code and the selected hardware are in flux. Also because a recent ForeFlight update disabled support for the Stratux AHRS features. The system (both FlightBox and the Stratux software) is upgradable and we're working on a daughterboard...
  11. ssokol

    New Kickstarter for Stratux-Based ADS-B Receiver

    If I'm violating any kind of "no commercial posts" rule, please take this down and let me know. I don't want to ruffle feathers.
  12. ssokol

    Any Freeflight Rangr Lite PIREPS yet?

    I dropped my Tiger off at the local avionics shop last night. I should have a pirep on the RANGR Lite + GTX-327 for you in a week or so. (It may be longer - requires a field approval as the Grumman isn't on the AML yet.)
  13. ssokol

    Contact Your Senator TODAY - Vote On Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 Tomorrow

    Over the weekend I attended a packed forum at Oshkosh put on by Sen. Jim Inhofe, Rep. Sam Graves, EAA president Jack Pelton and folks from the AOPA advocacy team. The subject was the effort to reform the broken 3rd Class Medical process. Much of the forum dealt with a letter sent by the Airline...
  14. ssokol

    Come on over to Brennand Airport

    I'll be flying into Brennand this Thursday. I have a friend who's based there, and 79C looks a lot like 0N0 - my home drome. Thanks to Kate for posting the annual invitation - I was planning on going into ATW but I really prefer the kinds of airports without gates and fences.
  15. ssokol

    EASA (European FAA) Approves "Standard Changes" - No STC Required

    Yeah, it's weak tea compared to what most of us are looking for - IFR capable EFISs and autopilots. Hopefully it's a test: try it for a few years and if airplanes don't start raining down on people, expand it to more capable / critical systems. That seems to be the approach favored by the FAA in...
  16. ssokol

    EASA (European FAA) Approves "Standard Changes" - No STC Required

    A couple of days ago EASA released a new document outlining a long list of "Standard Changes" - changes that can be made to certificated GA aircraft without the need for an STC. The list includes some rather amazing things: - COM Radios - NAV Radios - Moving map displays - Audio panels -...
  17. ssokol

    Certified-To-Experimental Survey Results, Next Steps

    To everyone who took the time to complete the survey, thank you very much. So far nearly 160 pilots have take the the time to answer the questionnaire, and the results are amazing, if not particularly surprising. Many of us would gladly trade our standard airworthiness certificate for an...
  18. ssokol

    Would you re-register as Experimental if you could?

    Being an optimist, I would have to think that a rising GA tide would lift all boats - including the kit manufacturers. People build kit aircraft not just to have access to an owner-maintainable airplane. Some people honestly love crafting a flying machine with their own hands, and I don't think...
  19. ssokol

    Would you re-register as Experimental if you could?

    A couple of days ago I got the monthly update from Piper Forum. One of the hottest topics for November was apparently a discussion on light bulbs - specifically, replacing the originally specified incandescent panel lamps with modern LEDs. The thread went on for page after page with all kinds of...
  20. ssokol

    Registration Problems forum

    Hi, I seem to be having problems posting. First post here ( worked fine, but two attempts at a follow-up are apparently stuck in moderator purgatory and/or fell on the floor. Please let me post! Thanks.