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  1. rainsux

    My GAMI fiasco

    > If the A&Ps don't make house calls or help out with transportation, > it gets logistically hard. Avant Garde [PTK] advertises that they will assist w/ground transportation.
  2. rainsux

    Seaplane Training

    I rent seaplanes @ Northwoods Aviation @ Cadillac, MI. They also do a significant amount of SES training. IIRC; they've got a SuperCub, Husky and C185. Then, in a few months, you can return and the get your skiplane signoff!
  3. rainsux

    DSL question

    Consider porting the tele nbr on Line-A to one of the VoIP providers. I'm happy with: I pre-paid; so my cost is less than $6/month (incl taxes) for 5,000 minutes. It includes a terminal adapter that provides two [2] active POTS ports/lines (unbridged). Also includes all the...
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    Internet/cyber adds a whole new 7x24 dimension. i.e. It seems much tougher to withdraw to a safe(r) haven. Also; the topic has become "fashionable" for the media. Ergo; more reporting drives more awareness.
  5. rainsux

    What's with the old radios?

    > I wondered at the time if it was an installation thing and I never got to > try it in another aircraft. It's a Garmin thing.
  6. rainsux

    These planes?

    All are fine airplanes. "Best" depends upon: - Your mission - Your budget - Your expectations Tell us more.
  7. rainsux

    Sourcing Replacement Parts for an Old(ish) Airplane

    > bulbs, tie wraps ... I consider them to be "standard" parts ... and shop in the Aviation aisle of my favorite NAPA. If your airframe is mfg'd before 1980; become familiar with this vintage aircraft maint Advisory Circular...
  8. rainsux

    My GAMI fiasco

    re: Your A&P - Are you using the new guy @ 1D2? Regardless; I am worried by him not providing *data*. I'd really prefer to see the *data* that should lead to either conclusions, or more refinded hypothesis. I use Avant Garde @ PTK for my ad-hoc maint. For things I can schedule, I use Jay...
  9. rainsux

    [NA] CQ CQ CQ

    > Flying, shooting AND ham radio? You better re-think your life, buddy. > You're running with a bad crowd. Whatever you do; do NOT visit this website:
  10. rainsux

    John Frank's September 2013 Cessna Pilot's Assn Article

    The vintage aircraft maintenance AC is your friend:
  11. rainsux

    Fixed gear ditching

    > I've never insisted my pax wear life vests while cruising over water Do you have pax demo that they are both knowledgeable and capable of donning PFDs while seated & belted (before you depart)?
  12. rainsux

    Fixed gear ditching

    > I seem to recall the ditching procedure in several fixed gear AFMs stating that the > occupants should shield their faces with blankets, jackets or anything to avoid > getting blasted with plexiglass and water. USCG teaches that occupants should: - cross their arms - grab their shoulder...
  13. rainsux

    Cessna 172 fatal plane crash in SE Michigan

    > appears to have successfully executed the U-turn before stalling on > short final. I concur. Seems to be a lot (too much) flaps deployed for the situation. I'm wondering how high he dropped it in from ... >> ... if a more experienced pilot had pulled him aside ... I concur. I've lost...
  14. rainsux

    Aerobatic crash at dayton airshow

    > I honestly wouldn't be suprised if the FAA is right now as we speak re-thinking low altitude waivers. Why? Performers have been crashing and dying at airshows for years and the FAA has not begun a moratorium on low-altitude waivers. There is also the matter of the impact site and the...
  15. rainsux

    Aerobatic crash at dayton airshow

    I was there - in the front row of chalets. The impact was ~100 yards beyond me. My observations: - He seemed slow. - He was flying a downwind pass. I estimate the winds at ~8 knots. - There was a noticeable hesitation in the roll to inverted. I remember thinking, "this is ugly." - It was...
  16. rainsux

    Cessna 172 fatal plane crash in SE Michigan

    > ... many pilots who insist it's safe to launch when "a little > over the limit. If that was the culture at KPTK ... PTK is a large GA operation. 554 planes based here. There are many cultures on the field. Flight 101 has a good reputation. Seems that he had waaay too much flap...
  17. rainsux

    Negative ANN article about Cirrus

    > ... instead been an orbit ... In the early days of the MD-11, crews affectionately nicknamed it, "The Scud." Why? Whenever a MD-11 launched, you were never certain where it would land.
  18. rainsux

    Pencil Whip'd Logbook Entries ...

    > People on this board hire me for buyers and pilot services. People using Google, considering whether to hire you, will find your posts on this board. Threatening a lawsuit over a simple disagreement ain't gonna help you when it comes to prospective employers. Now that you've started...
  19. rainsux

    Landing Cordination

    > horrible time maintaining the center line ... The center line ain't reserved for the pro pilots. You're allowed to use it too. DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY with the controls to keep the airplane in the center of the runway. I happen to agree with those that suggest you find a loooong runway and...
  20. rainsux

    Pencil Whip'd Logbook Entries ...

    > You actually threatened someone with a law suit for making a statement with > which you disagree, on a public internet board. Wow. +1