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  1. Anthony G

    737 max fcom

    Hi i was searching online for a 737 max fcom i can't find it anywhere only the 700 800 900 is online if someone has a pdf please forward me it thx
  2. Anthony G

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Lol awsome one
  3. Anthony G

    52 years ago today, we got our first view of earth from the moon

    We went to the moon and barly went underneth the oceans
  4. Anthony G

    Horizon Employee Who Stole A Bombardier Q400 - Another Side Of The Story

    Germinwings plane that was awful pilot sucide
  5. Anthony G

    Denver/COS trip & airport recommendations

    KAPA sounds like a great airport to flyinto Its in the mtns right?
  6. Anthony G

    Help deciding which plane to buy

    Get a g550
  7. Anthony G

    Kathryn's Report?

    Ya same for me
  8. Anthony G

    Flying near Wash DC - SFRA Training

    Awesome thx