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  1. eetrojan

    When your neighbor is a meat cutter at Costco

    Exactly. Or, as I like to think about it, the best part of a rib-eye steak, and ONLY the best parts.
  2. eetrojan

    When your neighbor is a meat cutter at Costco

    Ask him to set you up with some "cap steaks!"
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    My last flight

    Hi danman999. I wanted to privately ask you about the plane? Maybe you can change your "privacy" setting to allow "conversations" from members? Joe
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    Locations to take the wife on first flight

    My wife just flew with me for the first time a couple Saturday's ago. Funny thing is we flew a short ways from John Wayne (KSNA) to where you live, San Diego. We didn't "go" anywhere. We just cruised down the coast, did a low coastal transition and a San Diego bay tour, did a 180 at the...
  5. eetrojan

    What can I be doing wrong on power off stalls?

    I could be wrong, but I also seem to recall OP Bob had a medical setback due to some sort of AC related poisoning at a hotel.
  6. eetrojan

    What can I be doing wrong on power off stalls?

    Bob, I suspect Paul's comments were directed to the original Bob.
  7. eetrojan

    Calling all Prime Rib chefs...

    It looks perfect.
  8. eetrojan

    Calling all Prime Rib chefs...

    I think you need an instant read meat thermometer so that there's no guesswork. :)
  9. eetrojan

    What is this symbology on a sectional?

    It definitely looks gray, but assuming it's supposed to be a cyan vignette, now rarely seen, where the floor of controlled Class E airspace is 1200 ft or greater on the fuzzy side and 14,500 ft on the hard side (i.e. as nominally defined in FAR 71.71(a)), maybe it operates as a "you should not...
  10. eetrojan

    IFR three approach interpretation

    Maybe? On a regular-size keyboard with a number keypad, use keyboard shortcuts to create em dashes and en dashes: Em dash (—): Alt+0151 En dash (–): Alt+0150
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    Flying rock music song list

  12. eetrojan

    Flying rock music song list

    And, this always had a flying vibe to me
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    Flying rock music song list

    Not classic rock, but if you can stomach a little techno...
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    Catalina Airport New *News (oops)
  15. eetrojan

    Approach Pop Quiz.

    I'm just a wanna-be instrument student, but this take seems insightful and makes the most sense to me. Any major disagreements?
  16. eetrojan

    I got reported to the FAA (not a ******* Satire)

    Pretty sure it was a joke. Do you work for the FAA? ;)
  17. eetrojan

    91.213 - Equipment List - Static Wicks - C172S

    I recall there being some short ground straps that were braided or woven, and that connect the flaps and elevator to the rest of the Cessna 172 airframe. What are they officially called? Ground straps? Static wicks? Something else?
  18. eetrojan

    Carb heat broken, ok to fly?

    Hi fugazi885 - The guys above have it right. 91.205(b) lists the equipment you need for daytime VFR, but more broadly, you need to dig through and understand 91.213(d) which, in just one small place, references 92.205(b). In other words, 91.213 is the spine of the whole thing and there are...
  19. eetrojan

    Passengers Report Stolen SeaTac Plane, Grounded Flights

    What frequency was he using? As last set?
  20. eetrojan

    Cessna 414 down near John Wayne - 5 Dead

    I'm not sure if it affects your thoughts, but I noticed that "rtk 11" linked his flight aware path in post #6. He flew around the Bravo, to the west, out over the ocean. Moving the time scrubber, it looks like he started his descent near when he first got close to the LAX airspace. It looks to...