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    Any Hunters in Here?

    If you’re going to have one rifle I’d suggest a Remington 700 30-06. The 700 is a great time tested rifle. The army uses is as their standard sniper rifle since the 80’s I think. 30-06 allows you to use lower grain bullets for whitetail and heavier grain for bigger game. Throw a good scope...
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    *How* much for annual?

    There is no normal anymore. Look at the markets, housing, plane/boat/truck prices, fuel, inflation, etc. In the 310 I had 4 separate shops do annuals. 3 were around 2500 base price and claimed to “know” 310s. Totals were around 5000 or so for the 5 annuals they did. Then I went to the actual...
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    Video and Discussion - Burley, ID accident. Was "Gryder"

    There goes the MC invite. :)
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    Labor shortage

    What all inclusive database are illegal immigrants submitting their data to? I liken this to the “twins just have a 2nd engine to get you to the scene” crowd. There’s no accurate database for successful OEI landing either. Not trying to start an argument, just not a fan of unobtainable stats.
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    Labor shortage

    Is that a typo?
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    Value of a new paint job for resale

    The dishwasher analogy was right on for me. Do it and enjoy it then when you go to sell you will probably sell quicker with a higher price. I bought a mechanically sound ugly 310 with old avionics. I spent years rehabbing the plane and a close friend did the same with his 340. We both agree if...
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    Midwest POA August lunch cancelled due to lack of interest

    Destin vs the Midwest?!?! Enjoy a suite at the Emerald Grande and the sights at Crab Island. You’re welcome.
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    Popup or Call FSS?

    Doesn’t change things for me. An aircraft talking to ATC that disappears off radar will get basic SAR initiated. If you want more, I’d suggest you file a flight plan. As a pilot I’m perfectly comfortable without the flight plan.
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    Popup or Call FSS?

    Stupid simple. If on FF especially. All I do is push the IFR button and click on you. Change your code and providing you have 1000/3 from another IFR, clear you immediately. If not I’ll give you a heading and/or alt to get it asap. If you are inadvertent I will move the IFR ASAP and give you the...
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    Max distance between GPS waypoints?

    884nm is the longest direct route I filed and got. From ARR to LAL. I did get some re-routes in GA for airspace but they were minor. No rule that prevents it for a qualified airplane.
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    Envoy Embraer 175 Loses Winglet

    Fair enough. Just curious. I’ve been there a few time and enjoyed it… of course I ventured off airport. I like Huntsville better for a northern AL city though. Not sure asking a singular local would define an area for me. I’ve met people in Alaska that thought they live in heaven and some who...
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    Envoy Embraer 175 Loses Winglet

    Have you been to Birmingham?
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    How does ‘using the can’ work on a light 4 place aircraft?

    I remember living there when I was younger during an IP stint he did. Long story short, Vietnam was raging and his dad (fought Normandy till Battle of Bulge where he was gut shot) dropped him off day he turned 17. Told him to listen to the sergeant and not volunteer for anything. After his...
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    It’s a crazy market. I can confirm he wouldn’t be the first but possibly the second. :) Nice job @Mtns2Skies !!
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    How does ‘using the can’ work on a light 4 place aircraft?

    Completely unrelated to the thread…and your post really but it made me think of some stories my dad told me. One of which was he and a buddy were flying very early generation NVG’s in south AL. Two ship of Huey’s they were both PIC’s. They found a guy spot lighting deer by his trailer in the...
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    Which car is cooler

    Ford No idea Ford Tesla Maybe it’s just living in a suburb of a large city but I see Teslas everywhere. They have become Honda Accords to me. To each their own. Time to go put $200 of diesel in to fill my truck. :)
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    Rough River 2022 (2I3) 4/22 - 4/24

    I couldn’t get off work. Hate to miss it this year. If y’all know anyone that wants to tell pilots what to do for a living please send them over!!
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    Interesting and unusual airport/runway/taxiway designs

    Place to park people waiting on their gate to open primarily. Also used for people waiting on flow times to delayed airports, etc.
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    Famous youtuber catching Jerryesque flack in comments

    *Haven’t watched the video. Can you give an example of cruise flight where feet on the dash vs floor in a Bonanza could possibly have a detrimental impact? I know in my years of flying I’ve done things established in a cruise that isn’t hands on the yoke/feet on the pedals. :)