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  1. kep5niner

    Electronic Logbook?

    Log Ten Pro. As the name / version denotes, a lot of us pros use it. It seems to be the most prevalent for most, primarily 135 and 121 guys. It runs about $80 / year. You get what you pay for.
  2. kep5niner

    The greatest invention in general aviation

    Great minds think alike.
  3. kep5niner

    Ammo shortages

    Fire for affect…
  4. kep5niner

    ORD remains the worst

    Both ORD and MDW never provided challenges with ATC. Flew in and out of those two airfields, and every knook and cranny airfield you can think of in the Chicago area for 20 years. Never an issue. There are 2 exceptions: 1) I have heard approach light somebody up for wasting time on freq...
  5. kep5niner

    Hail To The Chief

  6. kep5niner

    MO aircraft tax/policy

    It’s similar to real estate taxes, in that it’s the county’s tax rate (anywhere from 4%-9%) applied to 1/3 of the assessed value. For real estate and other PP tax, that assessed value is relatively straight-forward in figuring. IE. for cars / trucks, they literally use NADA values. For aircraft...
  7. kep5niner

    MO aircraft tax/policy

    The PP tax is based upon the county’s rate where the airplane is hangared. I researched this thoroughly and have been an aircraft owner in MO for 5 years. At the end of the day, at least for my 56 year old aircraft, the PP tax for the airplane is really peanuts. It’s less than $200 / year. My...
  8. kep5niner

    POA Argument Time: Can a private pilot get paid to tow gliders?

    Whoa whoa whoa….that’s called double-towing, and varies state by state. You’ll need to check with DOT.
  9. kep5niner

    Oil burn...What are your numbers?

    Both IO-470 run happy at 10 qt / side, XC20-50 w/ CamGuard. I’ve put 400 hours on this airframe, with 400 hours on #1 engine, and 600 hours on #2 engine. I don’t burn a drop in 25 hour oil change intervals, ruling LoP. 99% cross country flying - a trainer this is not. I always thought I was...
  10. kep5niner

    Flying to Work

    Yesterday’s $500 car is today’s $5,000 car. That’s pretty much the starting price if you want something that runs and drives. Safe and reliable, and starts every time you turn the key without the instrument panel looking like a Christmas tree lit up? $10k.
  11. kep5niner

    Flight Suits

    Cotton, wool or Nomex, or any combination of the three. And if you get your Nomex flight suit goobered up with grease or oil, that degrades it’s fire protection and should be changed out for another one. Don’t forget to pop your collar.
  12. kep5niner

    Boat or Airplane

    I’ve owned a boat every year I’ve been alive, currently with a 32’ Cobalt. There’s nothing cheap about boat ownership. The only way to feel better about that is to own an aircraft. Then it makes boating seem cheap. Especially with twins in both.
  13. kep5niner

    Airplane LLC and loan

    I hear that. I like the seat (and the Hobbs) right where I left it the last time I flew ;)
  14. kep5niner

    MD-500 helicopter, how rich do you need to be?

    Cost? How much is your life worth? A significant difference with RW is not only the quantity of experience, but quality of experience. I would never put my life in the hands of a 100-hour wonder of RW “experience.” Helicopters are much more efficient at killing you than FW. And much less forgiving.
  15. kep5niner

    Link Trainer Question

    Ron, there is a Link trainer operational on the FBO side of Sherman Army Airfield in Ft. Leavenworth, KS. The guy that owned the FBO said it was one of only four operational in the US. This is a few years ago, but he was a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I’d be happy to PM his POC if you two...
  16. kep5niner

    Helicopters in Ukraine

    Tammy was a piece of work. I was at Rucker during that deployment, but my first command was the same company she commanded - B/1-106 AVN out of Chicago. There’s a whole lot of back story to that entire shoot-down.
  17. kep5niner

    Thinking about a riding mower

    This was my driveway when I lived outside of Chicago. The first year, the 48" blade on the tractor worked ok, but as the snow continued, my driveway would get narrower and narrower, so I had to go with the 48" snow-thrower attachment, which worked great on the Husqvarna. I haven't seen snow...
  18. kep5niner

    Thinking about a riding mower

    Chip - the TracSeat is actually made for the ZTRs, I'll have to get creative on fabbing it to make it work for my garden tractor. There's tons of YouTube videos about this modification, with all rave reviews. I'm looking forward to it and will report back!
  19. kep5niner

    Thinking about a riding mower

    I replied a few years ago to this thread, and appreciate the update. I too have upgraded, now with 3.5 acres to mow, and another 300' driveway. I went with the top-of-the-line Husqvarna TS354XD garden tractor. It's got the same 24 HP Kawasaki engine I had on my last Husqvarna, only a 54"...
  20. kep5niner

    Home Insurance

    Been with USAA for generations. Grandfather was a retired Air Force Officer, dad was a retired Army Officer, and I’m now a retired Army Officer. They’re rates have increased, and their service - which used to be their saving grace - can only be described as pathetic. I used to say everything...