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    Hangar cameras

    We use the Arlo Pro 4 system. They don't offer continuous recording on their lower subscription tier, but if you use the audio detection to trigger recording and set the threshold pretty sensitive, you can have mostly 24-hr coverage in 2 minute increments, at least outside (wind in the...
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    the truly important question we're all afraid to ask....(undecided if there's any ties to aviation)

    The lip around the edge of my range top has a rounded corner perfect for cracking eggs on.
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    Burning a piano

    You can clearly see this has the makings of a derelict. Several keys down, and missing a few hammers. Wouldn't be surprised if it had more less-visible issues.
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    Electronic Logbook?

    :yeahthat: I did 1½ books of back entries and that was bad enough. will convert paper to digital for you and get the info back to you in Excel format. It's not cheap, but considerably less personal pain involved. Same.
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    Being based at an airport that doesn’t sell fuel?

    Just buy 3 or 4 5-gal gas cans, fill them, and keep them in your hangar. If you're ever in a pinch, dump them in the plane and fill them for next time. At our uncontrolled, no-FBO, self-serve airport, we have a pickup that regularly comes in and fills a tank in the bed for supply of their...
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    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    I think this has more to do with it than we want to admit. We do well to think about how many of these student/low time PPL pilots sit around at fly-ins and in local hangars quietly listening to the stories being told by pilots older & "wiser" than they are, absorbing a mindset that at some...
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    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

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    [NA] Thinking iphone 15

    Maybe brand new in Apple products, but it's definitely time-tested for several years in the rest of the electronic ecosystem. I was delighted to see Apple finally get with the USB-C program, allowing me to dispense with all my Lightning stuff, which I only had to have for my iPad.
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    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    I have no clue what I'm looking at here, and fervently hope I never have a need to know.
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    ORD remains the worst

    Well, now that you mention it.... :yesnod:
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    ORD remains the worst

    The line isn't always drawn between flivvers/turbojets either. I was through there in an Eclipse once and we got sent down to 6000' 100-120 miles from our destination to stay under ORD traffic.
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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Iowa also has quite a few gray days in winter as well, if you're partial to regular sun.
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    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    This!! And once you get a buyer that is seriously interested in spite of the scratches and dents, they're going to feel a lot better about the prospect when they show up in person and find no major issues in addition to what photos/description have already shown them is there.
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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    :mad2: I've started cutting right to the chase with these chatbots— I just type "Get me a real person", and it almost always works. The one I most recently interacted with even had the audacity to ask for an email address. It got told "you don't need an email address to connect me to an agent"...
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    Next word that comes to mind...

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    Student Keeps Getting Motion Sickness

    Another thing to try if all else fails. I have worn one of these the first time I flew aerobatics and felt that it helped.
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    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    External drive? $20 will buy a 10/pk of throwaway USB flash drives.
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    **** Cancer

    Man... I have no words. I'm sorry.
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    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    If you have to brag about your honesty, there's a reason. Whether the actual work for the annual is done or not.