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  1. BillTIZ

    Emergency exit question - especially for Cherokee pilots

    Over 50yrs ago there was a Beech Musketeer departing KAUG, Augusta Maine. On departure the engine failed. Now Augusta sits no a flattened hill top. The pilot was able to get turned around but did not have the altitude to land on the runway. He landed along the slope of the hillside, but a main...
  2. BillTIZ

    Stratux ADSB question

    I don't do that for shut down. I just pull the USB cord out of the Pi connection. Not really interested in dialing up Safari and the IP address to shut down. But I will look into it and perhaps save the IP address to favorites.
  3. BillTIZ

    Fighter Pilot looking for advice on the GA world

    All good advice above. As an added bonus, you may consider getting some dual in a variety of single engine land aircraft before you make a decision. Also the idea of dual is to remember what your feet are for. Your insurance company will appreciate that. Depending on what you purchase, you may...
  4. BillTIZ

    Wit's End [NA]

    I stopped donating when I went on active duty military as a flyer. I knew if anyone screwed up during a donation, or if I passed out because they screwed up, my flying career was over. So I stopped.
  5. BillTIZ

    Stratux ADSB question

    Bought a used STRATUX? Which antennas are you using? Marginal or No Towers is a reception issue. Where in the aircraft do you put it? Power cord having problem staying connected? The Marginal or No Towers is not a power issue. The whole STRATUX system would shut down and reboot and you would not...
  6. BillTIZ

    Electronic Logbook?

    LogBookPro, backed up by a self made Excel spreadsheet, backed up by old fashioned paper logbooks.
  7. BillTIZ

    Keep hand on the throttle during takeoff??

    I normally turn off the electric fuel pump above 500ft and close enough to the airport to glide back.
  8. BillTIZ

    Lycoming O-540 Engine model question

    I have done close to the same for a PA-25-235, Piper Pawnee, but under STC. The standard PA-25-235 engine is the O-540-B2C5 at 235HP fixed pitch. An STC changes the exhaust valves and piston to increase the engine to 250HP fix pitch. Everything else, to include carburetor, magnetos, etc., stay...
  9. BillTIZ

    ATC provided wake separation

    My last departure out of KBED was behind a departing BizJet with no appreciable wait for wake turbulence. One of the larger ones, but not airline size. I was in a C-182T. I noted the wind direction, watched where he rotated, and took off. I stayed to the upwind side of the runway, rotated way be...
  10. BillTIZ

    CFI Check Ride - What is it?

    Not all the students learn the same. More than once I've had to come up with a different way to teach or explain something so that particular student would "get it".
  11. BillTIZ

    All three Las Vegas airports will charge a $3,000 landing fee during F1 races

    Interesting stats at the end of the video. Raise the fees for special events and get less traffic. U2 concert and Sphere opening did not garner the traffic CCDoA expected.
  12. BillTIZ

    schweizer 2-32 in need of a new drag spar pin.

    Saying "They only make the oversized ones." I take it you spoke with Kyle at K&L Soaring in Cayuta, NY? (Just outside of Elmira NY, Harris Hill)
  13. BillTIZ

    FCC radio license

    I didn't say it wasn't required. I said I was never asked to present it. Canadian Customs was always a phone call, never in person.
  14. BillTIZ

    Apron in front of hangar

    Knowing the location might help but I can understand why you would not release it. Does the current apron go to the airport boundary? If yes, is there a reason the municipality decided not to recondition what was already paved? Is there a new code in the municipality for "set back" and they...
  15. BillTIZ

    FCC radio license

    For my trips through Canada you do need a "station license" for the aircraft. I had my free Radio Telephone Operators certificate from the 1970s. I did not have to pay for a new certificate. I was never asked to produce the certificate or station license.
  16. BillTIZ

    check ride question.

    I'm not a DPE. Any GPS waypoint can be set up to "act" like a VOR by setting an inbound course and identifying where you are around that point and setting up a track to intercept the desired course. As for approaches. RNAV or GPS approaches can count as non precision approaches LNAV vs LPV.
  17. BillTIZ

    Lost proficiency - Gained weight

    Good luck! it will take some work to shed the weight. I'm sure you know you need to get down to a weight to fit in the aircraft and not adversely impact the W&B. Welcome back to flying!
  18. BillTIZ


    Different as in lighter and simpler? Most that trained in the C-150 move up to the C-172 with just an hour and a few landings. The C-150 had 40degree flaps, the C-152 has 30degree flaps. The 40degree flaps could be a handful on a full flap go-around.
  19. BillTIZ

    Oxygen Concentrator Thread

    AC 120-95A discusses the use of oxygen concentrator systems for passenger use in large aircraft (transport type). It does not mention the use of oxygen concentrators for pilot use. It does state that a "passenger" using the device should not be placed in an exit row and that the device should be...
  20. BillTIZ

    Piper Rudder AD comment time ends soon.

    Thanks, it appears that the PA-25, most built in the 1960s are not included. I am continuing to monitor the situation.