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    Osprey crash in Japan

    Depending on how you calculate the availability rate of the V-22, the last figures I saw were in the 60% range which was compariable to other similar aircraft in service. Its costs per hour tend to be higher but not as high as some other rotorcraft used by the Air Force or Navy.
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    Oil Analysis Findings

    The thing to keep in mind is an oil analysis is only one of the tools to maintain your engine. It is not a diagnostic tool per se. There have been a few threads on PoA that go into more detail on how those different tools are used. Perhaps look them up. Regardless when you take the results of...
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    Stinson motor mount bolts

    Is this a factory engine install or an STC install?
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    Osprey crash in Japan

    In the data I've seen there is no specific trend either way. It does seem environment/ops play more a role in what happens. Last I read on the OP one, was there were 1 or 2 other V22s with this one which witnessed a possible nacelle fire.
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    Flap track replacement on a cessna

    Can't help you with a shop but the McFarlane ICAs give the important points on the install side. Since you appear comfortable drilling out rivets this far, those ICAs should get you the rest of the way. Its what I used with success. And depending on specific model make sure you have the correct...
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    Alternator Mounting Problem

    Which aircraft/engine? And is this the OEM alt or aftermarket it?
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    Skyryse FlightOS?

    This has been the consensus in other discussions as well. But with the 407 and 119 getting IFR autopilot regulatory exemptions there's been a move to expand those exemptions in the interest of safety. Prior to the FAA shutting the door on SE helicopter autopilot installs years ago, there were...
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    New hydrogen engine

    Really? Well... Toyota has a liquid H2 powered race car... Or how about the HY4 airplane that flew on liquid hydrogen? Video below in case you doubt that. Lot going on in the world if you choose to look. And just to keep you in the loop, got a text this morning that a commercial 787 made the 1st...
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    New hydrogen engine

    True. But then again their liquid hydrogen modules are going through separate tests and certification processes in another country. And last I heard, they were ground running a test bed ATR-72 with the liquid hydrogen modules installed in the aircraft. Hardly “small baby steps” wouldn’t you...
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    New hydrogen engine

    Ha. The pax sit in the same seats they did and the cargo/bagg goes in the same area in back. They did pull out 10 rows of pax seats for the "modules" and added the cargo door. However, this hydrogen feeds an electric fuel cell/electric motor vs used for internal combustion in a conventional...
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    New hydrogen engine

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    Can IA ground plane for airworthiness outside of annual inspection?

    In general terms, until 1980 small airplane Airworthiness Limitation Sections or listings of life-limited parts could be found in various manuals depending on the OEM or vender, if required. And prior to the change to the FARs most life-limited parts were listed in the Aircraft...
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    Is it possible to manually trip the flush circuit breakers?

    No. Only options are to install trim disconnect switch or replace CB with a resettable type. Or both if the trim motor gets power from two different sources.
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    Prop control knob hard to push/pull

    I've seen LPS-2 and similar products get washed out after only days. And if you dig deep enough, a number of OEMs recommend if a general lube oil (7870) is not available to use clean engine oil instead.
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    Prop control knob hard to push/pull

    FWIW: LPS-2 doesn't last. So unless you want to repeatedly apply it to get then same lube quality always best to stick with 7870 (Royco 363, Aeroshell 3, Brayco 363, NyCo 7870). Perhaps see if a local shop has some and will sell you a small quantity?
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    Can IA ground plane for airworthiness outside of annual inspection?

    No. In general, only an Airworthiness Limitations section within a service manual would be "approved data." The rest is acceptable data. Some OEMs have approved structural manuals but usually not in the case of SE GA aircraft. However, I doubt a repair to a tailcone fairing would fall under a...
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    Which compression tester?

    Look for used name-brand testers. Its what I would usually recommend to my customers if they wanted to pick one up at a reduced rate. Check ebay, etc. or ask around your local airports to see if a mechanic has an older one in the back of his tool box he wants to gid rid off? Regardless, I'd look...
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    Electronic aircraft logs

    While I can’t speak for all mechanics, the majority of the ones I’ve dealt with have no issues with electronic maintenance records as they’ve been around for years at all levels. Its mainly the method of how those records would be created that gives the most pause. And especially at the private...
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    Ag plane winterization?

    Depends on the operator and location. The few AG aircraft I worked on only shutdown for major maintenance which usually lasted only a month or so. Plus know of several that move aircraft around the country chasing work the entire year. But most aircraft I worked on had some sort of...
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    GA Shipments continue Upward Trend

    Be interesting to know what percentage were delivered to the private/recreational side of GA.