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  1. mandm

    Visa Queries & Seeking Insightful Conversations in NYC

    I heard you can pick now, NYC, Chicago, and even free one way flights out of the country when you want to leave. Free housing and room is actually a law in NYC, if someone doesn’t have housing and asks for it, the law states that the city must provide. Chicago will give you a free hotel room...
  2. mandm

    What to use to clean my oily belly?? lol

    Carbon X works wonders!
  3. mandm

    Security cameras

    Many cameras will only operate on 2.4GHz.
  4. mandm

    For Sale: Aircraft Piper Turbo Twin Comanche, Covington, GA

    Here’s the link: 1965 PIPER TURBO TWIN COMANCHE
  5. mandm

    For Sale: Aircraft Piper Turbo Twin Comanche, Covington, GA

    I got a quote for 200k hull $8314, however the insurer is requiring special approval and price justification to insure at that hull value. The insurer alternatively recommended to insure it for 115k for $5796 with a $2500 deductible in motion / $250 not in motion.
  6. mandm

    I was Robbed, Robbed, I tell you...

    With the big opening :)
  7. mandm

    Transient tie down fees

    There’s quite a few airports that are free parking, just depends, call ahead and see.
  8. mandm

    [NA] We tipping for shipments now?

    Please don’t, stuff is already expensive enough o_O
  9. mandm

    Fighter Pilot looking for advice on the GA world

    Kind of luck of the draw too, do a good prebuy and hope for the best. Spend what you want to on your airplane, plan 10k per year for your first and second year maintenance, plus parking and insurance. You’ll either get a little better (less $$) or have to buy a new engine (50-60k).
  10. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    True, I never thought about that. Sometimes I have random radio issues but usually only after flying through rain. Connected to the LED’s? I’m not sure then…
  11. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    There’s no issue with the rheostat, it dims very low to very bright, I do not set it to full brightness, and it gets very dim so there is a wide range of brightness available under the original rheostat.
  12. mandm

    What are we all thankful for this year?

    I’m thankful for what I’ve learned and accomplished so far, for flying, for this forum and the people I’ve met here, for those in my life and for my good health thus far in life. I’ve also learned that I have a lot more to learn and improve on, and I’m thankful for the people who are in my life...
  13. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    The dimmer switch is the rheostat that you roll up/down, typical to those in the PA28’s. I just used the one that was already there, which I’m thinking is the original one as I’ve seen it in a few PA28’s already.
  14. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    I have a dimmer switch on the lights and it works out great, the maximum setting is a bit bright though.
  15. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R Part #: BA9S-W-120-12VAC (Qty: 20) Bulb grease As always, make sure this is ok with your mechanic.
  16. mandm

    Failed my first opportunity to solo

    I had no idea when I was going to solo, my instructor just said I’m gonna get out now and you go do 3 take offs and landings by yourself. I think this worked better compared to setting up expectations. Weather changes quickly and you really want to do this on a perfect day when the airplane...
  17. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    It might, just try it with one gauge first to see how you like the results. I’m quite happy with it as is, I think over time maybe one of the lightbulbs was acting funny too, I think I pushed on the panel cover while in flight and then it was ok. You don’t want it too bright at night either as...
  18. mandm

    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    Very sad, RIP
  19. mandm

    Flying to Northern California

    Following On my bucket list
  20. mandm


    Didn’t realize Savannah was a place to visit. I’ll try it!