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    Do you ever feel like the plane isn't there?

    You're not supposed to do 'shrooms while flying
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    SeriusXM Question

    I have siriusxm mainly for the sports. I do the whole "threaten to cancel, accept reduced price offer" every year which is kinda annoying but better than paying full price. I'm in my car a fair amount and like to have the sports and an option for listening to music outside of the phone or FM/AM...
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    Cockpit space in Tomahawk, Skipper, & Yankee?

    Skipper is very spacious for a 2 seater. At 6'1 ~190 I'm comfortable in it, with room to spare. Very affordable little plane and I would recommend it to people wanting to get in the air cheap. Will not fit most missions though, being slower than traffic on the ground and without much...
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    Aside from everything already mentioned… Get your ASES at Southern Seaplane, highly recommend them and landing on water is the most fun you’ll ever have with your clothes on. Or if you don’t have time for the rating see if they’re doing any fishing trips — didn’t do that but have heard good things.
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    Hilariously wasteful charter flight

    did he own that plane? thought he had a citation. and did he fly out of 0B5?
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    Looking for info on buying and leasing a plane to a school or club

    Hope it works out for you. No direct experience with it or knowledge of resources but I've heard from many people that leasebacks tend to not really save you any $. I'd recommend going the club or partnership route over a leaseback.
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    Ammo shortages

    I have one and love it, great range gun. Don't carry it so can't speak to how it feels on the hip
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    Sales Tax Question

    I live in MA; aircraft is in PA. Well aware of use taxes as well -- MA fortunately doesn't have any sales or use tax for aircraft.
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    Sales Tax Question

    So, here's the document that blurb is quoted from: That section seems to possibly imply that the tax only applies for PA residents, but the general information also says all aircraft transfers are...
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    Sales Tax Question

    Thanks for the insight, this sounds like it may be the play.. so you would just put in the purchase agreement that the sale will be based upon delivery of the aircraft in MA? New to the whole process so not 100% clear on exactly what is done to close -- is it essentially: offer/written purchase...
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    Sales Tax Question

    So my home state (MA) exempts aircraft from sales/use tax entirely but I’m looking at a plane (private sale) in Pennsylvania and it appears they do tax aircraft sales and have no exemptions for “fly-away” or “casual sale.” I talked briefly to an aviation tax specialist who seemed to confirm that...
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    What Aircraft Should I Buy? - Bahamas Mission Edition

    Yes this is a reality, but if he has the $ and would rather not wait then I'd still go for it. Moving up into a complex/HP and/or twin at some point is going to be annoying/expensive to insure early on, no reason to delay the inevitable if you can afford it now
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    What Aircraft Should I Buy? - Bahamas Mission Edition

    I'd go with a retract with that open water mission. Bonanza makes sense to me as well
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    Dumb student pilot question Rudder related

    I would assume he means taking your feet off of them entirely... But no reason really to be doing that in the air or on the ground (unless giving someone else the controls, with proper transfer)
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    Any aircraft owners in MA?

    Looking to buy a plane soon and trying to confirm all the various taxes/fees specific to owning in MA -- it looks like there is an exemption from sales/use tax but I'll have to pay a smaller MA aircraft registration fee (separate from FAA registration)? Is that correct and is that all or is...
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    Plane crash, Lake Winnipesaukee NH

    So sad, just landed there a week ago
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    Reno midair Wonder if it’s the same dude/chick?
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    1964 Comanche 250

    44P? Very nice aircraft if so, had been eyeballing that one but a bit out of my price range, jealous of that panel
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    School me on IFR panels

    2 different missions between 600-650 statute miles so closer to 550NM, also probably some shorter trips mixed in around 200-250NM or less. Looking at Comanche 250/260s with 90gal and cruise at 160kts which I think fits the mission very well. Could be up to 1-2 round trips per month but all will...
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    School me on IFR panels

    No HSI, does have glide slope. How critical is a HSI? Rough price range to add one? To the others, thanks for the input, my intention is to be patient with the plane search and I have been thinking I'd wait until I have my IR and buy sometime in 2024 but if the right plane pops up now I don't...