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    Hangar cameras

    Beware of cameras requiring subscription. As stated you will need internet access. I have Reolink system which works great and no subscription cost.

    Looks like VOR is back on the menu boys...

    So we're going back to Loran?

    Kill Devil Hills (FFA) Trip Suggestions

    I didn't notice it mentioned but Kitty Hawk kites is worth a visit. They have tons of fun kites and aviation related merchandise to gawk at. If you're into monster trucks gravedigger is about a 25 mile drive.

    Electronical help requested.

    Well shoot; that looks like damage from an unintentional discharge.

    Electronic aircraft logs

    Is anyone doing electronic aircraft, propeller, engine logs? Not digitized paper logs but primary electronic logs... How well does it work?

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    The 6 cylinder versions have always been timing chain without recommended replacement interval. The 6 cylinder also has been the higher trim nicer models. I will only buy 2010-2014 though as in 2015 they went to CVT.

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Not necessary; I've changed the plugs in our 2011 3.6 OB without much trouble.

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    On my Lancair the batteries are in the trunk, or empennage, for the same reason and it's still nose heavy.

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Sounds like a Toyota or Lexus.
  10. FORANE

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    On my old Ferrari, one must remove the car from the engine cradle to change the belts.
  11. FORANE

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Reminds me of the headlight bulb replacement procedure on a 2011 Subaru outback. After spending over an hour attempting to do it, googling how to do it, and watching YouTube how to do it, I raised the white flag and paid my mechanic to change a light bulb.
  12. FORANE

    Inner Tube Choices

    Don't know about your wheels but on my lancairs tiny wheels if the pressure bleeds down the tubes tend to pinch and fail. Avoiding the hassle of a flat is worth the cost of a better tube. If you can order from vans they had cheap leakguard tubes last I checked.
  13. FORANE

    Bucket list advice

    Get a commercial rating, offer cross country transport and let someone else pay for your bucket list trip.
  14. FORANE

    Lancair in McKinney 11/11/23

    A IVPT is a lancair 4p with turbine conversion. Can't land halfway down a 3k foot runway in one of these and expect to get stopped before runway end.
  15. FORANE

    Lancair in McKinney 11/11/23

    Yes, barely, without beta 3000 would be enough. I have a 2 seat lancair with similar landing speeds. I can do 3000 no wind landings but prefer longer and will be on alert when going into a runway that short. I could easily see not being so focused if thinking I had 4500 feet.
  16. FORANE

    Changing aircraft registration from personal to LLC

    If you're in Tennessee that would be a sale triggering sales tax due.
  17. FORANE

    Lancair in McKinney 11/11/23

    Apparently beta in pistons is also a thing...
  18. FORANE

    Identity this cloud

    What is this cloud formation?
  19. FORANE

    Do you call when you're the unknown traffic

    Presuming those who don't use FF choose to avoid it because they are scared of it demonstrates your point.