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  1. GMascelli

    Kill Devil Hills (FFA) Trip Suggestions

    Where ever you decide to stay make sure you have dinner at JK'S located at 1106 S Croatan Highway Mile Post 9 ByPass in Kill Devil Hills. The best steaks !
  2. GMascelli

    IFR to St. Paul Downtown (KSTP)

    Martin, Always a fun ride along, thanks for sharing.
  3. GMascelli

    Electronic Logbook?

    I use MyFlightbook. I have the instructor fill out the standard preset notes in my regular log book then take a picture and add it to the flight info. The instructor fills out the info on my MyFlightbook and adds his name and cert number. I also back up MyFlightbook every month to an excel file.
  4. GMascelli


    Savannah is also on our short list. Always looking for info on things to do, and places to stay and eat. For now we’re focused on Saint Augustine in December. Booked a place to stay and transportation.
  5. GMascelli

    Asheville NC and the Biltmore Estate

    You're not kidding, the morning rush was unbelievable. In order to get across the three lanes for the turning lane I hugged the right lane went down to the first traffic light and made U turn in a bank parking lot, then came out to the light and made a left to get across the road on RT. 25.
  6. GMascelli

    Asheville NC and the Biltmore Estate

    I had to laugh when I read this. When we sat down for lunch at the Corner Kitchen my bride kept people watching, I asked what's up. She said this place is like a hippie gathering place, I almost blew my sweet tea out.
  7. GMascelli

    Asheville NC and the Biltmore Estate

    Mary and I decided on a quick hop just to get away for our 19th wedding anniversary. We have had Asheville NC, more specifically, the Biltmore Estate on our list for some time. The link to my blog post and video is listed below. We did have a fun time exploring the Biltmore estate. Everything...
  8. GMascelli

    Presidential protection

    Its pretty easy to get around the TFR outter ring. A VFR flight following super secret squirrel squawk code and you’re good. The only stickler is Dover won’t turn you south to the KOXB airport, instead they hand you off to Patuxent approach to do the deed. Living here in ocean city MD and...
  9. GMascelli

    Previously Owned Aircraft--Do you stalk them?

    I still check up on our first plane. When I sold it, may 2018, the guy that bought it did not have his PPL yet, so he flew in a CFII. They flew the plane from coast to coast, Ocean City MD to Camarillo CA, and as of this morning the owner still is without his PPL. It's a shame he lets the...
  10. GMascelli

    Forgot to list broken leg treatment on medexpress.

    I use my notes on the phone. I list the date, doctor, and reason. When it comes time for the medical just copy your notes, easy peasy.
  11. GMascelli

    Flying fatigue with maybe a dash of seasonal melancholy

    I think at one time or another we all go through that cycle. Prior to my accident I was always in the air, post off airport adventure, I'm more laid back. I'm not as much into runs for breakfast as much as flying the mission. We love to travel so that's what I focus on. I'll admit that desire...
  12. GMascelli

    Back to the Valley KAVP

    The last trip to Wilkes-Barre, by plane, was September 2020. It’s been a while since heading north to take care of my parents grave. Mary and I both commented that we couldn’t remember the last time we headed north, I had to look back on my blog. My last flight to Wilmington was 17 months ago...
  13. GMascelli

    Reiff vs EZ Heat

    I went with the Reiff standard system. 50 watt band heaters clamp around the cylinders and a 100 watt aluminum HotStrip element epoxied to the oil sump. I also use moving blankets to cover the cowl and prop. I turn the system on from home when I go to bed and everything is toasty when I’m ready...
  14. GMascelli

    IFR flight using IPAD as primary

    Sadly people fly with that guy in conditions he obviously should not be in or even think about.
  15. GMascelli

    Oil burn...What are your numbers?

    My Lycoming IO-360 with 1047 hrs burns a quart every 8-9 hours.
  16. GMascelli

    Charleston SC - 4 day Get-Away

    I bet they had a blast!!
  17. GMascelli

    Charleston SC - 4 day Get-Away

    It seems to be a very popular wedding destination. We also found out that Bill Gates just bought two buildings down the street from the market place. He is going to build a Ritz-Carlton. As if there isn’t enough hotels……
  18. GMascelli

    Charleston SC - 4 day Get-Away

    Mary and I made plans to take a vacation to Charleston SC for four days then make the short hop to Grand Strand in North Myrtle Beach SC. I guess one out of two ain't bad, as they say. With a tropical storm getting ready to come ashore in the Carolinas, then hit our home town in Ocean City MD we...
  19. GMascelli

    I'm officially slow but loving it ...

    Congrats and good luck!! I flew our Sundowner for nine years and my bride and I traveled everywhere. Flight planned for 110 knots, loved the room, and the plane was an easy keeper.
  20. GMascelli


    We’re heading down to Charleston on the 18th for a week. Mary and I have been following this storm, weather event, hurricane…..whatever they are calling it today. Stay safe and dry!