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  1. Lon33

    Flying fatigue with maybe a dash of seasonal melancholy

    This, I think, is the explanation for what you’re feeling. Your post was not a “rant.” It was an honest and healthy acknowledgment of where you are right now. All of us will give up flying some day. I ask myself not only when, but also “why.” The best answer, I think, is that enough of the...
  2. Lon33

    Chicago to Santa Monica - routing

    The weather in LA at the end of Sept has been good in past years — a little hot even at the coast and sometimes windy, but otherwise VFR. This Sept, though, has had several MVFR and even IFR mornings at the coast. For rentals, consider Proteus at KSMO. It has several Pipers.
  3. Lon33

    Catalina Island, CA

    Others may have been using their GPSs to make the crossing. The waypoints are SMO (on the north end) and VPLSR (on the south). edit: Wayne’s post went up as I was typing mine!
  4. Lon33

    Flight training through a university (r-atp)

    This is good advice, especially because you’re so young. No point in rushing your education and then having to burn time while you get to be old enough to be an airline pilot. Also — and I say this seriously — college years are the best years of many people’s lives. Why skip or rush that phase...
  5. Lon33

    Accelerated Instrument Finish Up - Is one month realistic? (and if so, where?)

    Your thought about Sling in Torrance is a good one, and you are right about what it has available in the way of planes and instructors. I rent there regularly and it’s a first class operation. The instructors there all are CFIIs, and they did their training and checkrides there, so they know...
  6. Lon33

    Equipment for private pilot

    Good advice, in my opinion. In 12 years of flying, I needed my handheld only once while in the air. But it was in my flight bag in the back of the plane where I couldn’t reach it. Can’t imagine what I was thinking when I left it there — except perhaps that I had never before needed it. Since...
  7. Lon33

    Small plane flips at SMO

    Good. Glad to hear it. But that still leaves the question: how and why did the plane pitch forward, tail over nose?
  8. Lon33

    Small plane flips at SMO

    How would that happen? I don’t think that kind of plane has a brake on the nose wheel. Am I wrong about that, or did I not understand that you were making a joke?
  9. Lon33

    It (almost) feels like 1968 again!

    [Musta been the 50. As I recall, those were not Freeway legal.] Mine was a Honda 150. It was freeway legal (as I recall), but not freeway rideable. When it got up to any speed at all, it transmitted every little bump or groove in the street right up to my spine. It was like riding a bucking bronco.
  10. Lon33

    It (almost) feels like 1968 again!

    Enjoy your new bike, young man. I’m 4 years older than you and still remember my first and only motorcycle. It was Honda’s smallest model, no longer made. I bought it after Army basic training and it terrified my mother. I sold it after just a few years. Even back in the 1970s, traffic in L.A...
  11. Lon33

    First visitor in the new hangar

    True, but still unfortunate. Don’t those guys eat wire insulation? I never had one of those things in my hangar. But I did have several birds and their offspring take up residence on the support beams above my plane, and they were NOT potty trained. What a mess they created. The hangar was older...
  12. Lon33

    First visitor in the new hangar

    It’s not kosher.
  13. Lon33

    As a commercial pilot student can I fly for IOU's?

    “I think this is a great idea! If the FAA says something stupid like "You can't do that, because ..." tell them you got it approved and signed off on by the PoA members.” We can do that?
  14. Lon33

    DA20 as an instrument training option?

    How about that! I learn something new every day. Thanks. You're right. The planes I've flown have been metal (C172, Sling TSi) or have built-in lightening systems that I didn't even know were there (SR20). And the DA20 isn't metal.
  15. Lon33

    DA20 as an instrument training option?

    Hmm. I once memorized the equipment necessary for flight in IMC, and I don't remember anything about lightning protection. In fact, the planes I've flown that are legal in IMC didn't have anything related to lightening except static wicks. Is it possible that the POH for DA20s prohibits flight...
  16. Lon33

    DA20 as an instrument training option?

    Why isn’t the DA20 legal for IMC flight? It’s a Part 23 plane, isn’t it? It’s not an LSA.
  17. Lon33

    WTF California? They want to tax my aircraft when it hasn’t even been there?

    Wow. Have you no superstitions at all?
  18. Lon33

    So this is what a blown nose tire feels like...

    Why would you put this in writing, or even say this sort of thing aloud? Have you no superstitions at all?! [;-)
  19. Lon33

    Way in over my head, don’t be me!

    Sounds like really good advice to me.
  20. Lon33

    KSMO IFR Departure (West)

    They no longer use the LAX 315 Radial for single engine prop planes. (Don't know about twins or jets.) I'm not sure why they switched to RH -> 1000. Two possibilities occurred to me. First, the LAX VOR was out of service for quite a while. And second, it could be that departing pilots weren't...